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Last Chance for Cash Buyback Bash

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 11/1/12 1:00 AM
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It has been prophesized for decades that the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, which occurs on December 21, 2012, will bring about the end of the world as we know it. Popular culture encourages the belief that this may be the time when zombies or aliens try to overtake civilization. Even though experts have refuted all of these apocalyptic claims, this once-in-a-lifetime experience serves as a very marketable event for your store’s winter buyback!

As a special reward for your dedicated social media followers, plan an exclusive textbook buyback event, allowing them to sell their books back first, plus other special offers in an apocalyptic-themed Buyback Bash!

Step 1

Once your store’s buyback dates are set, decide upon a set time period before your official buyback begins to offer your social media friends the first chance to sell their books back. After regular store hours is a perfect time for this buyback party to occur.

Step 2

Plan the party! Keeping with the zombie/apocalypse theme (not gloom and doom), brainstorm some festive games and/or refreshments. Consider contacting local restaurants and partnering with them for food and drink. Also, remember to recruit a few employees or buyback staff to man the counters during the party.

Here are a few ideas for 2012 apocalypse-inspired fun:

  1. Screen a zombie or apocalyptic movie such as the classic Night of the Living Dead or the more modern choices of The Day After Tomorrow or I Am Legend. Complete the movie night with refreshments such as popcorn and soda.
  2. Host a karaoke competition, with themed songs, such as Destiny’s Child's “I’m a Survivor,” “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” by Bobby McFerrin, or Survivor's classic, “Eye of the Tiger.”
  3. Organize a special “Survival” goody bag to reward your students for selling their books. Stuff reusable shopping bags with water, snacks, books, puzzle or logic games, candy and coupons for your store or local restaurants. The purpose of this bag is to reward your customers for their loyalty, so show them you care with products to help them get through finals…or a zombie apocalypse. If you’re on a budget, try giving these prizes away to a designated number of students to encourage them to come early.

Use this image as your Facebook cover photo to promote your buy!

Step 3

Get the word out to your social media crowd by advertising the exclusive event. Let your students know that the earlier they sell back a book, the more likely it is that they will get the most money. It's easy; we’ve created all the materials you’ll need to get started.

On Facebook, create an event and invite customers to join the fun. Then, use our Facebook Cover Photo as a reminder of the fun to come.

Download: “Last Chance” Poster
 Download: “Last Chance” Poster
Download the Poster
Download: “Last Chance” Stuffer
 Download: “Last Chance” Stuffer
Download the Stuffer

For stores that have a newer presence on social media or are looking to grow their fan base, we suggest promoting this event in-store, as well. Use our customizable posters or distribute our stuffers to in-store shoppers in the weeks leading up to your buy. Be sure to add a link to your Facebook or Twitter page and let them know they can only attend if they become a fan or follower.

We've also created sample Facebook statuses and tweets for you to customize and post to your pages:


  • The end of the world is approaching fast ;) - stockpile cash by selling your used books! Come to our exclusive Buyback Bash on [DATE] and get the best deals!
  • Just for our Facebook faithful, an exclusive Buyback Bash! As a special thank you for your loyalty, YOU have the first opportunity to sell your books back for the best prices on [DATE]! What activity are you most excited for?!
  • Get the first chance to sell your books at our exclusive Buyback Bash! If the world ends, you wouldn’t want to be left waiting for your check from that online retailer! Party starts at [TIME] on [DATE] - don't miss out!


  • Announcing #BuybackBash2012! Sell your books back first on XX/XX starting @ 5pm! Thanks for your loyalty!
  • You're invited to an exclusive Buyback Bash! Sell your books first for best prices to get $$ before the end of time! Starts on XX/XX @5pm
  • Survival Packs for the first <#> at #BuybackBash2012! Take a look at what’s inside: [Post pic]

Step 4

Have fun! The primary goal of the party is to allow fans an exclusive time to sell back their books, so keep the mood festive and fun to let them know that your store values their loyalty.

Step 5

Document the festivities by taking pictures and/or video of students having a great time at your Buyback Bash, and use the footage as promotional material on your social media pages or website. This illustrates the rewards that come from being a loyal fan of your store! Consider contacting local or campus media to gain publicity for your store and its customers, too.



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