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Remind Faculty How the Bookstore Benefits Students

Posted by Liz Schulte on 8/29/22 9:00 AM
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College stores work hard to ensure that all students have easy access to the materials they need to be successful each term. It can be disheartening to hear that a professor recommended students purchase their course materials somewhere else. Get proactive about winning faculty endorsements for the bookstore, so they recommend your store first each term.

Remind- Faculty How the Bookstore Benefits Students

Encourage faculty to recommend the college store to students with consistent communication about the benefits your store provides.

How does the bookstore benefit students:


The college store elevates the service students receive. You are there to help them find what they need and answer any questions they might have — especially about course material formats, how to access digital materials, etc.

Lowering student costs is a major priority for the college store. By bringing in multiple course material options, students are able to find the materials they are most comfortable with and fit their budget. Used, rental, digital, inclusive access, loose leaf, etc. lower student costs and give students multiple opportunities to save.

Financial aid

Unlike off campus retailers, students are able to use their student financial aid funds in the bookstore. This helps ensure that all students have access to the materials they need to be successful.

Price matching

If your store has price matching, make sure students and faculty are aware of this option. Even if another store has a slightly lower price, they can still support their campus community and get the same great deal in the campus store.

Students get the correct materials

One big issue with ordering books online is that it is easy to get the wrong edition or wrong book. The bookstore can give students convenient options to ensure they get the correct materials when they order online. For example, with Registrar Link, students’ online shopping carts are populated with their schedule-specific required course materials.

The campus store gives back
Campus stores aren’t the same as traditional retailers. Store profits go back into the campus. Some campus store profits fund student scholarships, some help support the student union, etc. Many college stores even go a step further and actively work throughout the term to support students with food pantry collections and free pop-up clothing closets because the store is part of the larger campus community.

Think about the specific ways your store works to support the campus and ensure students have low-cost options. Then make a plan for how you can share this information with faculty. Remember repetition is key. The more times you can make these points, the more likely your message will ultimately be remembered.


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