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University of Utah Saves Big with Big Data

Posted by Dean Asher on 6/28/15 11:00 PM
Topics: retail technology, college store stories, business intelligence

For the University of Utah Campus Store, "Big Data" is a lot more than a buzzword. Store Assistant Director Vaughn Durfee knows how important that data is to effectively running the store. Taking advantage of MBS Systems Dashboard, Vaughn uses his store's Big Data including inventory, operations and sales figures to develop strategies for scheduling staff, manage inventory and much more.


While the Campus Store has long used that information to make key business decisions, Vaughn says it's easier than ever with Dashboard's interactive tools.

“It would take at least half an hour dedicated time per class previously, but here they can view the data, hand it to an associate to pull items they need to,” Vaughn said. “Because of the tools that Dashboard has given me, I am able to make much better reports ... in a much better, more readable format, and it gives users the ability to interact with the data.”

There's too much for us to share here, but it's a really great read that's had some very real results.

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