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What Reminders Should You Send to Students This Term?

Posted by Liz Schulte on 1/3/22 9:00 AM
Topics: Marketing to Students, college bookstore industry trends, college bookstore marketing

Soon, students will return to campus for a new term. Now is a good time to start preparing your spring term student messaging to remind students about the services available to them through the campus store. We have collected a few ideas to help you get started.

What reminders should you send to students this term?Why should students buy from the bookstore?

This is one of the most important reminders for students. Students potentially encounter a lot of suggestions about where they should buy their course materials for the new term. Make sure the bookstore is telling them why it is in their best interest to shop local (on-campus) this term.

Here are some ideas of what you could include in this messaging.

  • Explain how the store gives back to campus and students. Do proceeds from the store go to student scholarships, fund the student center or contribute to the budget of student organizations? However the store contributes to your campus, make sure students understand why supporting the bookstore helps support their school.
  • Let students know about any special promotions or programs your store offers. If you have any features like price matching or loyalty that students can take advantage of when they buy textbooks, then remind students about how the store helps them save money.
  • Tell students about any convenient course material distribution options that are available to them. Dorm delivery, in-store pickup, shipping, etc. — let students know the convenient options your store offers to make back-to-school shopping easy.

Difference in course material formats

You could also take a proactive approach to a subject that might be confusing to students: course material formats. Explain as simply as possible the difference between the various formats that may be available to students in your store. This will help students make more informed decisions and cut down on some confusion.

Here are some ideas of what you could include:

  • Print – new and used
  • Digital
  • Rentals – the various formats for rental course materials and returning them
  • Access codes
  • Looseleaf
  • How students can save the most money on their course materials in your store

Buyback and returns

It is also a good to start preparing students for how they can return books to the store and start giving them information about buyback. For example, MBS system partners can utilize buyback alert messages. When students purchase their books, they simply need to opt-in to receive buyback notifications on their specific titles by entering the ISBNs. They will receive a customizable end-of-term message displaying the value of their book and the quantity the store is seeking. This email saves the store time, provides the student with more transparency and will help increase your buyback’s attendance.


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