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How Can inSite Buyback Alerts Help You Communicate With Students About Your Retail Buyback?

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/20/20 6:00 AM
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With students not on campus this term, many stores are looking at out-of-the-box ways to buy back books from students for subsequent terms. Some stores are offering a drive-up buyback. However, convincing students to make the trip to campus could be difficult. Utilizing inSite Buyback Alerts gives your store a way to let students know the buyback value of their books from the start.

How can inSite Buyback Alerts help you communicate with students about your retail buyback?If you have the MBS system, the Buyback Alerts feature on inSite is automatically included. It helps promote your store’s buyback with automated student communication. If they bought their books on your website, inSite Buyback Alerts will automatically show them the current values (retail and wholesale) of these books. Also, they can add books they purchased elsewhere and get alerts on the values of those books — in the same email or text message.




After a student opts in to receive a notification on specific titles by entering the ISBNs, they will receive a customizable end-of-term message displaying the value of their book and the quantity the store is seeking. This email saves the store time, provides the student with more transparency and will help increase your buyback’s attendance.

Activating customized inSite Buyback Alerts

Setting up this feature is incredibly simple.

  1. Set your buyback parameters in inSite.
  2. Create your buyback alert page on your site. The page will include buyback search information and a link for students to view their buyback alert list.
  3. Customize a message that provides students with additional information about how to return or drop off their books.

Marketing the feature to students

Once you have the buyback alerts set up, you need to let students know about the feature. Send an email or text message letting them know what the feature is and how it benefits them. Once the site is set up, you can advertise to students at any time, including when they are purchasing their textbooks during rush.

Example email:

Get more money at buyback!

The earlier you know your book’s value, the sooner you can get the cash. Enter your book’s ISBN on our website to receive an email with your book’s buyback value. Quantities are limited and pricing is subject to change.

 Sign up for notifications [link text] now!



It isn’t too late to activate this feature for this semester’s buyback. Call inSite Support 866-638-5949 or email


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