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Why Not Laundry? Bookstores Can Cater to a Need of All Students

Posted by Connor Wiemann on 8/9/17 5:30 AM
Topics: bookstores, Marketing to Students, student behavior

One rainy Tuesday morning I was late for class. I leapt out of bed and rushed to the shower. As I lathered in shampoo and conditioner, the realization hit me — I had no clean underwear.

Why Not Laundry Bookstore Caters to a Need of All Students

I had two options, both unthinkable to an extreme germaphobe. I could re-wear the pair from yesterday or skip that layer of clothing. Both ideas unappealing. I had reached the stage in my life when I had to start doing my own laundry — and I did not like it.

For people like me who have trouble finding time to do their laundry, the University of Missouri has a solution — Mizzou Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service.

Located next to The Mizzou Store, students can swing by whenever laundry becomes too much for them or can sign up for semester-long services. While waiting, students can browse the bookstore or pick up a snack.

I utilize the dry-cleaning service. A crisp, ironed suit goes a long way in an interview. While dropping my clothes off and picking them up, I find myself wandering into the Mizzou Store. I shop mostly because I’m in need of pencils and notebooks, but I often end up leaving with a hat or a shirt as well. This got me thinking: College stores partner with passport facilities, coffee shops, high-end brands. Why not laundry? It worked on me.

And, I am not the only one. On summer welcome, I heard one parent boast to her spouse, “Mizzou is great. They will even do her laundry.”

Convenience goes a long way

For senior Kevin Assoian, the service was too good to pass up.

“I lived on campus, didn’t have a car, and it was only a five-minute walk.”

Students aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the on-campus service.

Assistant Director of Strategic Communications Dr. Michelle Froese said, “Our primary customers are a good mix of the campus community. We do around 1,000 transactions per year.”

The University of Missouri offers a practical resource to students that has paid off.

“If it saves me a decent amount of time, it’s worth the money,” said senior Brad Walton.

The Mizzou Laundry service not only offers students a much-needed convenience. It boosts foot-traffic for the nearby college store and other area businesses.

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