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4 College Graduation Events for College Stores

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/17/19 6:30 AM
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It is that time of year again. Seniors are getting ready to take their final tests as undergraduates. The college store has been part of their higher education experience from their first year to their last. Make sure your college store is prepared to give these students the send off they deserve.

4 College Graduation Events for College StoresGraduation is a major achievement in student lives and it is important to celebrate with them. While graduation means the end of the student-school relationship for many parts of campus, college stores are different. Alumni maintain a relationship with the college store as they continue to support their alma mater. They can revisit the college store on-campus or online time and time again to get new high-quality fan gear and merchandise.

Leave your soon-to-be graduates with one last great experience in your college store.   

Four college store graduation events

Graduation fairs

Graduation fairs help simplify the graduation process and alleviate some of the stress that comes with preparing for the big day. Seniors have a lot on their plate. Between finals, packing and goodbye events with friends, it is hard to find the time to figure out what they will need for the actual graduation ceremony. Great bookstore graduation events bring all of the commencement vendors together so students can find everything they need from regalia to class rings in one place.

Looking back

These savvy seniors getting ready to go out into the world all started school as wide-eyed first-years not sure if they knew how to find their classes. Ask graduates to share what they have learned along the way. Collect life lessons, best memories and post-graduation plans from willing participants and share them on social media as a fond farewell to one graduating class and a way to build excitement with the next. Download the image below to share on social media. 

College store graduation events

Photo Booth

One fun graduation event that many college stores have had success with is a hosting a photo booth for graduates. Give the departing seniors an easy way to get pictures with friends or your school mascot. If a photo booth isn’t possible, then consider a fun, social media-ready backdrop. These opportunities to memorialize their time as a student will increase store traffic and help you easily celebrate graduation without hosting a full-fledged event.

Sale Event

Something else you can do to bring graduating seniors into your store is hold a special after-hours event just for them. Invite soon-to-be graduates to a special VIP sale in your store. Offer refreshments and great exclusive deals. Be sure to decorate your college store for graduation and create a celebratory atmosphere with different sales available on the hour.

Does your store host a great graduation event that students love? We would like to hear from you. Email me ( to have your store featured on Foreword Online.

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