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A Festival of Silly Tricks and Sensational Treats

Posted by Lori Reese on 9/1/17 5:30 AM
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October on college campuses brings crisp weather, costumes, candy and, of course, parties. Tap into the celebratory mood with a contest and event you can host any night of the month.

A Festival of Silly Tricks and Sensational TreatsThe Festival of Silly Tricks and Sensational Treats is devoted to showcasing students’ unusual abilities in much the way David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks segment once did on The Late Show. This means you’ll be asking students to demonstrate home-grown talents — anything from blowing an elegant spit bubble to accomplishing a dazzling aerial. The festival will not only inspire laughter and warmth, it will generate foot traffic and show off merchandise in the form of prizes and “sensational treats.”

Download: Marketing Kit
Download Kit

How it works

Use the attached downloadable posters, flyers and social media image to advertise the contest and event throughout the month. Select prizes from your store’s most coveted offerings for the top three “silly tricksters.” Everyone who participates — including the audience — will receive a “sensational treat” of some kind. However, the treats will be smaller than the top prizes. If your store sells food items, especially candy, offer something delectable, along with a coupon to ensure event participants have reason to return after the show.

Students sign up with the attached downloadable form, which asks them to describe what sort of trick they do best. A week before the event employees choose the top 10 to perform in the store on the night of the event. Post reminders on social media about the show on the days leading up to it.

The big event

Choose an employee with a boisterous personality to serve as master of ceremonies. The student audience judges the performances. The master of ceremonies gauges the winner based on applause and overall audience enthusiasm. The most-loved “silly tricks” win the top three prizes. All participants — including the audience — receive their sensational treats at the door.

Live-stream the performances on social media and save the video for future posts. When the contest is over, be sure to announce the winners on your website and on social media. Include links to your video. That will keep buzz about the event alive long after the lights come down.

Social media marketing plan

Use all your social media channels to promote the sale — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat.








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