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Set Up an Online Buyback in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/23/20 6:30 AM
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MBS Online Buyback is a great student resource that your college store can easily provide at no additional cost. As more colleges and universities move classes online in an effort to protect student and community health, it is important establish a buyback plan to prepare for the possibility that it may not be feasible to host an on-campus buyback. MBS is here to help you do that.

Set Up an Online Buyback in Three Easy Steps

With our Online Buyback service, U.S. colleges and universities can offer students a way to recoup some money on their textbooks and earn a store commission. The process to get your store started is easy.

What is MBS Online Buyback?

It is an online wholesale buyback site where students can easily sell back their books and educational materials while still avoiding crowds. The process is simple. The student visits your school-branded website. There, they can generate a price quote and prepaid shipping label. Students then ship their books directly to MBS. We will mail them a check or deposit funds into their PayPal account. Meanwhile, your store earns a commission on each buyback purchase that MBS makes through the store site.

Three steps to set up MBS Online Buyback 

  1. Fill out the MBS Online Buyback setup sheet.
    This is a simple form that collects the necessary information from you to set up your store’s school-branded Online Buyback site. On this sheet, you will specify how your 25 percent commission should be handled. The store can select to receive the entire commission, divide the commission between the store and the students (the commission you set aside for students will go toward increasing buyback prices on their books), or you can select to devote the entire commission to increasing student buyback prices.

  2. Email the form to
    When the form is completely filled out, send it back to MBS. We will create your buyback page.

  3. Select your free buyback marketing materials.
    You can select from our Promo Guide the marketing materials you like best. We will customize them for your store and buyback. Materials include social media posts, flyers, emails and web banners. Contact your Field Marketing Territory Manager to order materials.

That’s all you have to do. After that, you have the peace of mind of knowing your store can still offer a convenient and safe buyback option for students.

MBS Online Buyback is available to colleges and universities located in the U.S.


Set up an MBS Online Buyback in three easy steps. Get started  


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