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Host an Opening Buyback at the Beginning of Term

Posted by Liz Schulte on 1/22/24 7:00 AM
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At the end of the last term, some students might not have had time to sell back unwanted textbooks. Provide students with an opening buyback where they can easily sell back books from the previous term while picking up their materials for their new classes.

Host an opening buyback at the beginning of termThe December term comes at a particularly busy time of year. With finals, holidays, and rushing to get home, buyback probably isn’t a priority for some students. However, those students also might like to receive some money back for their old textbooks. This is where an opening buyback helps.

Not only can you provide students with excellent service, but you can also increase foot traffic to the campus store at the beginning of term. Receiving extra, unexpected money for last term’s books can motivate students to pick up books for the current term or maybe splurge on new logo-wear from the store.

Additionally, your store can make a little extra money on top of potentially increasing sales. As with any buyback, your store will earn a commission on books sold back to MBS. An opening buyback is also a good way for your store to get low-cost inventory directly from students to help fill those late student orders.

An opening buyback is set up exactly like the end-of-term buyback. Contact your MBS representative to discuss potential buyback dates and details. Your representative will help guide you through the event.


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