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Managing Buyback and Rental Returns Student Communication

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/29/21 6:00 AM
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Buyback is an important event for the college store. It helps stores ensure you have the low-cost used book inventory necessary for the following term and gives students an easy time and place to return rental books. However, due to state, local and campus restrictions, it may not be possible to have an on-campus buyback this term.

Managing Buyback and Rental Returns Student Communication Any college stores can offer a virtual wholesale buyback through MBS, and many stores are also providing virtual retail buyback options. No matter how your store chooses to conduct buyback this term, getting the word out to students will be a top priority. With the MBS retail system, partners have options that help streamline communication with students about buyback and rental returns.

Read how the University of Central Missouri and Colorado State University used MBS inSite to communicate buyback.

How can MBS technology help you better communicate with students about buyback

  • Website
    Stores can add custom pages and edit the buyback alert page in inSite. Custom pages can be designed to reflect your specific policy and procedure for buyback and rental returns this term. Be sure to include instructions and any additional materials that students will need, such as mail-in labels or book forms. As always, your inSite representatives are available to help you design your custom page or complete any edits or additions to your site.

    To learn more about custom pages, check out part two of the Buyback and Rental Return in 2020 webinar.

  • Rental return reminder emails and SMS messages
    In inSite, you have the option to send rental reminder emails or text messages. These messages can be customized with each send or you can choose to use the default text. In addition, you can use the mail merge tags to help set up the information you want to include in the emails for students to see, such as Rental Notice Book Details, Rental Notice Totals, Rental Due Date and the Rental Agreement. Also, keep in mind that you can send rental reminder emails to students at any point during the term and send them as often as you deem necessary.

    Check out this Tidbit Tuesday to learn more about facilitating rental return communication through inSite.

  • Buyback alerts
    With buyback alerts, students can search for books and determine the value of the book before shipping it to your store or dropping the book off. Students can also create an alert list to be notified as books become available to sell when your buyback is open.

    If your store is also conducting a retail buyback, you can choose to “Update inSite Data.” This lets you inform inSite what the retail value is for the books you want to purchase and the retail quantity you are willing to buy. That way, when your buyback program is turned on, students can look up the retail and wholesale values for their books. Simply set your parameters to determine what information you want to share with students.

    To learn more about setting buyback alerts, check out part two of the Buyback and Rental Return in 2020 webinar.

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