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Dakota Wesleyan University Simplifies Course Material Management With BNC Virtual

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/1/24 6:30 AM
Topics: College store solutions, college bookstore system, college bookstore inventory management

The Dakota Wesleyan University Store simplified its course material management with a dedicated virtual bookstore. Recently, we sat down with Lori Solberg, Bookstore Manager, Dakota Wesleyan University Store, to hear about her store’s unique partnership with MBS. Dakota Wesleyan University Simplifies Course Materials Management With BNC Virtual

In 2019, the store chose to discontinue in-store textbook sales, opting to partner with BNC Virtual — our virtual bookstore solution. Today, the store continues to utilize the MBS system for all its in-store and online merchandise sales while BNC Virtual manages its course material sales and distribution.

What have been the top benefits of the partnership with BNC Virtual?

The top benefit of our partnership with BNC Virtual is that it gives our students more options for purchasing their textbooks.

They can order a physical textbook, rent textbooks, buy digital textbooks, and shop the marketplace. It is easy and convenient for students to find the correct materials needed by using their student ID. The students’ course schedules have been loaded into the BNC system, so all students have to do is type in their student ID number, and all their course materials will show up. From there students can decide what type of textbook they wish to purchase. As a university store with only one full-time staff, this virtual program has made the textbook process much easier for everyone.

The partnership has made my job much easier. The system is extremely easy to use. I get excellent support services, and it has made book buying easier for our students. Going virtual has made my job less physical, which I appreciate also. No more hauling heavy boxes.

How has the partnership improved student experience and convenience?

Our students each get an iPad as part of their tuition. Our campus is striving to incorporate digital as much as possible. Because of this, our eBook sales are higher than other accounts. This makes having a BNC virtual store a necessity for one-stop shopping for textbooks. Digital books are generally less expensive and very easy to download and use with the students’ iPad.

What are the benefits of partnering with MBS Store Technology Solutions?

The benefits of partnering with the MBS Store Technology Solutions are that it saves our staff valuable time, it streamlines processes, the system is very easy to use, and MBS gives great support!

What has been your experience with MBS support services?

I have only great things to say about our experience with MBS support services. My account representative is WrayLynn. She is very efficient, responsive, and knowledgeable, and I really enjoy working with her. I have additional support email addresses and phone numbers on hand, and a response is always quick.

If you would like to hear more about the virtual solutions available to stores through MBS, please contact your MBS representative.


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