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Don’t Miss Sales! MBS ASAP Orders Ship Next Business Day

Posted by Liz Schulte on 8/22/22 6:45 AM
Topics: used books, wholesale textbooks, campus bookstore retail

Figuring out how many books you will need for each course to meet student demand is an art. Sometimes you are right on the mark, while other times you might have too few, which can lead to students having to shop elsewhere. However, MBS is always here to help. Ensure that your store is the reliable campus hub of course materials and don’t miss out on sales. If you are running short on books, place an ASAP order today!

dont-miss-sales-FO-header-220818-1MBS has a constant inventory flow. Books are continuously checked into and out of the warehouse, meaning our inventory is never stagnant. When you submit an ASAP order it is compared against a snapshot of our inventory at the time the order is placed. Any books we have on your wantlist will be compiled and shipped to you within 24 hours.

Another option that gives a broader picture of MBS’ inventory is to do a short bin-and-hold order. During that time, more books are added to your bin through reworks or as you update your wantlist with new titles and/or quantities. You will then receive your consolidated order in one shipment.


With MBS you:


Spend less — Discounted new and used books


Save time — Fill more of your inventory demands with one order


Get the books your store needs before rush starts — ASAP orders are shipped within 24 hours or the next business day


Whatever course material needs your store has, MBS is always here to help ensure your success and that the store can maximize sales.


Prepare for the future of course materials. Schedule an appointment with your  MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager. Schedule an appointment


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