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5 Things an MBS Microsoft™ Surface Pro POS Will Do for You

Posted by Lori Reese on 3/20/18 5:30 AM
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Imagine this: It is homecoming. The parades are on, the crowds are dense and the beer is flowing. You and six of your best associates are each armed with a Microsoft™ Surface Pro Mobile POS. In the past, you would have been forced to accept cash payments only for spirit wear. Now you can accept all tenders — even student cards and financial aid — right there at the parade. You no longer have to wait for the crowds to come to you. Your store taps into the school excitement on-the-spot.

5 Things a Microsoft Surface Pro Mobile POS Will Do for You

Or imagine this: It is rush and the store is packed with customers, many of them new to the school. A freshman needs to know if his financial aid is in before he can make a purchase. Instead of gathering all his items and waiting at the register, only to discover he’s unable to make a purchase, he’s able to ask one of your associates on the floor. The associate checks the Microsoft Surface Pro Mobile POS and finds out that, yes, the financial aid is ready. Now, a new customer is eager to buy not only his books but spirit wear and gifts as well.

Or this: You’ve got six critical things to do at the store today, but your child is home with the flu. No problem. You can do all your back-office work right in your living room, using the cloud-based applications on the mobile POS.

Just five years ago, scenarios like these would have been an impractical dream for the average collegiate retailer. Improvements in software and a reduction in prices mean college stores can now harness the power of mobile technology and give themselves a competitive edge.

For those already with MBS, adding mobile technology is simple. The same POS software that powers an MBS in-store device works on the mobile Surface Pro. Adaptation requires little time and training.

The Surface Pro hardware offers customers the security of working with a brand whose reputation is well-established in the sales industry. At under two pounds, the tablet’s tiny footprint makes it simple to carry to campus events, home or different parts of the store.

Those transitioning to MBS for the first time have the assurance that comes from working with a highly experienced implementation team, which will build a roadmap for all stakeholders in the systems change. 

A systems transition is no small thing, but given the advantages of the Microsoft Office Surface Pro Mobile POS it may well be worthwhile. 

5 things the MBS Surface Pro POS can do 

    1. Give you an edge over online retailers — Online sellers can’t go to that sporting event, can’t go to graduation, can’t go to these places that the on-campus retailer can reach. Take the device on the road. Go where eCommerce competitors can’t — directly to your customers.

    2. Boost productivity — Portability is more than just point of sale. Portability also gives you the ability to create efficiencies within your store. Tackle inventory, fulfill web orders and complete dreaded back-office tasks anywhere using the cloud-based applications.

    3. Enhance customer service — From a customer service standpoint, it’s very powerful. Meet customers on the floor. Answer questions they would normally have to wait in line at the in-store POS to answer. Make sales while customer enthusiasm is at its peak.

    4. Empower your sales staff — Empower your employees to have access to information on a varied number of devices. Instead of locating vital information with one person in one part of the store, give all associates a shared responsibility for customer service and sales.  

    5. Keep you current — Customer expectations drive what retailers do. Those expectations are molded by the current industry leaders. The Microsoft Surface Pro Mobile POS ensures you won’t fall behind the curve. 

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