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How to Overcome Online Retailers' Rental Programs

Posted by admin on 8/12/12 11:00 PM
Topics: textbook rental, college retail, college store stories, MBS Rental Inc. announced the launch of a new print textbook rental program last week. With such a significant retailer entering the rental game, it is more important than ever for college stores to offer the option to students.

Although the program will present competition, there are several strategies that your store can use to draw attention to the upfront savings offered right on campus! Consider some of the ideas below to promote your own rental option:

  • Shed light on shipping costs: The program sends the print copies to students for a fee. Your program doesn't include shipping costs, so make sure students understand that they need to factor that cost into the total price of a textbook. Create advertisements that bring this fact to light or use some of ours to spread the word.
  • Promote price comparison: Transparency is key! Don't just tell students that you have competitive prices, show them! Send a press release to the campus newspaper or local media letting them know all the ways you help students save money, stressing your price comparison site. Post this image to your social media sites or website, too, directing students to your price comparison site. Don't have price comparison? Talk to your MBS Representative for information on how we can help!
  • Advertise the advantages: Your store offers several benefits over online retailers so make sure students know about them! If your store accepts student financial aid, start there; that’s one aspect the competition will never be able to overcome! Plus, you’re on campus, so you’re the most convenient option. Remind students how quick and easy it is to both purchase textbooks as well as to return them if they drop a class.
  • Teach the importance of textbook reservation: If students reserve their textbooks, then you’re more likely to gain all of their business. Promote your program early, especially to the incoming class. Consider enhancing the benefits of your program with a dorm delivery service or percentage discount on students who bundle all their books.
  • Add incentives: Make students an offer they can’t refuse! Encourage them to buy or rent at your store with extra incentives. For instance, you could promote rentals by awarding a designated amount of loyalty points for each title rented at the store. Or, reward students who spend over a designated amount on textbooks with a giftcard, coupon, or branded merchandise. Everyone loves free stuff and a little extra can go a long way!

Students want upfront savings and the competition is providing them. If your store isn't offering rental, now is the time! MBS Rental offers the best guarantee in the industry, no limitations, no hassle, and no restrictions. You can submit your rental title lists up until the first day of class. Plus, you can submit your lists as many times as needed! Learn more about our program by contacting your MBS Representative, to find out how we can help you stay ahead of the competition!

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