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It’s MBS’ 50th Anniversary!

Posted by Liz Schulte on 10/23/23 6:45 AM
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MBS is celebrating 50 years of serving college stores. We are grateful for all of our college store partners and look forward to the years to come.Celebrating MBS' 50th Anniversary

Through the years, MBS has grown into a nexus of course material distribution and retail technology. We strive to help independent college stores succeed and provide them with the tools they most need to streamline all that they do. We bring tools, resources, opportunities and unrivalled support to college stores.

Take a look at the services available to college stores.

A nexus for course material distribution

No one knows course materials better than MBS. After decades of working in the college bookstore market, MBS brings unrivalled experience and expertise to providing stores with the best course material solutions.

“Because of my partnership with MBS, and other wholesalers, we are able to get those [print] books. Students still want and need them — especially during move-in week. Parents come in and if there's a book on the shelf and a digital equivalent, the parents are grabbing the [physical] book for their student. So, we’re moving a lot of books,” James Howard, Chief Academic Materials Officer, OSU Beaver Store, said.

Read more about how MBS and the OSU Beaver Store work together to increase student affordability.

A total store retail system solution

Beginning in 1984, MBS Store Technology Solutions provided college stores with an unrivalled total store retail system solution. Our superior support, state-of-the-art hardware and software, and the flexible collegiate retail system help stores automate processes, elevate customer experience and maximize store advantages to increase market share. Our products, services and training continue to evolve alongside the industry, ensuring our partners have the tools they need.

“A big benefit of partnering with MBS is the support of the MBS team. It's a seamless operation. I started as the campus store manager more than three years ago. Not long after, my position grew to encompass our food services department. With MBS store technology, I was able to transition and use our same system, POS and back office, to support both businesses. Even though they are separate, it all transitions into one. It's been really nice,” Rita Smith, Campus Store Manager/Food Services, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, said.

Learn how Anoka-Ramsey Community College Campus Store saves students money.

Innovative course material distribution

MBS has solutions to help every college store overcome course material distribution challenges. Our innovative, custom course material distribution methods and programs, ranging from streamlined inclusive access solutions to hybrid textbook distribution solutions, provide partners with many options to simplify textbook distribution.

Learn more about our alternative solutions to help streamline textbook distribution.


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