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MBS Helps Strike out ALS

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/26/14 11:00 PM
Topics: mbs direct, social responsibility

Several people at MBS took the plunge recently and participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge has had a fantastic turnout across the nation, with nearly $80 million raised to find a cure for the disease as of early this week! The latest and most viral fundraising effort by the ALS Association, participants in the Ice Bucket Challenge dump frigid water on their heads, donate to the foundation and challenge friends, family and coworkers to do the same. It seems that most people who have been challenged have answered the call, and MBS is no exception.

Several people at MBS took the plunge recently and participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

MBS was challenged when KC Community College calling out CEO Bob Pugh and Kennesaw State also called out MBS, giving us 24 hours to respond. So at 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 29, six MBSers gritted their teeth in anticipation of what was to come — a 5-gallon bucket of frigid ice water!

Those adventurous participants on MBS' behalf included CEO Bob Pugh; Mark Pulliam, VP of Distribution; Julia Kaplan, Insite Services; Emily Kuschel, Major Account Manager; Patrick Davis, Insite Support Rep; Kathy Davis, TAonline Major Accounts Rep. And to chip in, MBS donated $1,000 to the ALS Association to help combat the disease. That's really what you call stepping up to the plate on the behalf of customers and a great cause.

Though it only lasted a few seconds, Julia was asked how it felt when it was all over. Her response: "It felt like it was in slow motion — the cold water and ice just kept coming!"

Tons of schools and bookstores are taking part, as well. Has yours? If it has and you have pictures or videos, feel free to comment or share. We'd love to feature them on Foreword Online in an upcoming Store Story!

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