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MBS Rental Series: Expanding to a Wholesale Program

Posted by admin on 5/4/11 11:00 PM
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At MBS, our most intrinsic value is to simplify all things textbook-related for our partners. That’s why we continually strive to provide you with superior products and services to simplify your store’s essentials. But, our innovative solutions aren’t born overnight. Over the next two weeks, we will give you an in-depth look into our company’s journey with one of the most popular textbook options today, in our four-part Rental Series. See firsthand how we took this trend to the next level, from conception all the way to the announcement of our latest MBS Rental enhancements!

From idea to implementation, our rental solutions have expanded to include a wholesale program and provided us with the opportunity to offer even more services to partnered stores. Introduced at last year’s CAMEX, MBS Rental positions our partners to stay competitive without sacrificing margin. Featuring the highest guaranteed price of all available programs and with more than one million copies guaranteed to date, it’s easy to see why more than 600 stores have begun reaping the benefits.

“We specifically structured our program to meet any collegiate retail store’s needs. The most important factor for us was creating a solution that supported our stores the best we could,” said Lillian Howard, Corporate Marketing Representative. “We understand how important it is to maintain margin, and that’s why we guarantee 46% of the new retail price on both new and used books.”

Now one of the most popular offerings from the wholesale division, MBS Rental gives collegiate retailers the freedom to choose how to run their program. “It’s so important to our partners to offer a rental option and keep the sale in their store,” she said, “and we provide the tools necessary to achieve this goal. But, ultimately, it’s their program and they have complete power to manage it however they prefer.”

Unlike many other programs, MBS Rental is also not an exclusive program at the store level, allowing stores to implement any other additional rental programs they may choose. “What differentiates MBS Rental is flexibility,” Howard explained.

So far, feedback on the program has been fantastic, according to Howard. In fact, the only concern raised by customers regarding MBS Rental is guaranteeing even more titles to stores, speaking to the program’s popularity.

“Because customer interaction is so important to us, we addressed this issue,” she noted. "We have expanded the titles available for the rental guarantee, offering additional titles at a marginally lower rate, but one that is still extremely competitive. This will provide stores with an option to further expand the depth and breadth of the rental program being offered by their enterprise."

Though MBS Rental has seen huge success since its launch, there are still stores who have not taken advantage of the benefits the program has to offer. To those who haven’t yet started, Howard suggests considering a summer rental term. As the only program to offer a summer option, she says it’s a great opportunity for stores to experience rental with less pressure than more hectic times of the year.

“We have lots of stores signing up because they’ve seen the relevance of offering a rental textbook, but some are still hesitant to take on a program, especially during a major rush,“ she explained. “Starting with a few titles and getting used to rental over the summer is a great way to get your feet wet and ease into the process before the busy season hits.”

Regardless of the size of your program, MBS Rental is an easy to implement solution that can benefit both your students and store. “Whether you rent 5 titles from us, or 900, it doesn’t matter; our goal is simply to help in any way we can,” she added.

This series will continue on Monday with Part 3, giving you a glimpse at how one store overcame their rental fears, implementing MBS Rental and an effective marketing campaign for the program. Be sure to check back for the next installment!

For more information on how MBS Rental can help you offer students another low-cost option, talk with your Wholesale representative or email questions to

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