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Online Kit Ideas for the Holiday Season

Posted by Liz Schulte on 10/17/22 6:45 AM
Topics: Marketing to Students, Bookstore marketing, alternative revenue streams

The gift-giving season is right around the corner. Give customers some fun gift basket options by creating online kits with some of the merchandise you already have in your store.

Online Kit Ideas for the Holiday SeasonBy creating premade bundles of merchandise, your store is setting itself up for success. First, bundles pair thematic merchandise together. That means you have the opportunity to sell more merchandise in each order than you otherwise would have.

For example, let’s say a customer isn’t sure what to give her best friend as a gift this year. She goes online to browse the options. She settles on a blanket because who doesn’t like a warm cozy blanket. It isn’t an exciting gift, but it will be fine. Then she notices that she could get that same blanket in a Winter Warmer gift basket that also includes plush socks, a hat and a scarf in a prewrapped (or nicely packaged) gift basket. Well, that changes everything. Now she can give a really cute and fun gift with minimal effort. In return, rather than just selling a blanket, your store has also sold socks, a hat and a scarf.

Second, bundles make it easy to identify great gift options for specific people a customer might be shopping for.

For example, a parent, guardian or grandparent might be looking at your site for a gift for their student at your school. Sometimes it is hard to know what clothing style a student might like, but the Tech Obsessed gift basket catches their eye. They never see the student without the phone in their hands. So, this gift option with a logoed earbud case, cell phone case, a powerbank portable charger and a phone sanitizer is perfect for the picky tech-obsessed student.

Third, the store’s personal level of customer service is on display. There are many benefits to shopping local. In this case, these gift baskets can work great because you can make it easy for customers to get what they are looking for. In the previous example, maybe the person shopping isn’t sure what cell phone model the student has. Your store can make it clear that the student can always exchange the cell phone case for the correct size when they get back to campus.

Ideas for creative holiday gift sets

We have put together some ideas for potential gift sets to give you an example of what sort of items to pair together. Take an inventory of your store stock and create your own gift bundles. Try to think of eye-catching names for the bundles that indicate the theme you are going for and also gives customers an idea of what type of merchandise might be included. Once you have bundles created, be sure to connect them to products (or like products) as suggested items on your website. Check out this post with tips for making merchandise stand out.

MBS System Partners — The MBS system can help you manage kits. As individual SKUs are added to kits, or unbundled from kits, the system moves and tracks the inventory. Cost and retail differences between components and kits, as well as projected markdowns, are displayed to help you determine pricing.

Super Fan Tailgate Essentials – License plate rim (or alternate plate), tailgate game, umbrella, barbecue set, can cooler and bottle opener

Winter Warmer – Plush socks, hat, blanket and scarf

Keep Calm and Golf – Water bottle, golf balls, golf shirt, umbrella, golf head cover and microfiber towel

Fit for Life – Water bottle, yoga mat, joggers and headband

Tech Obsessed – Earbud case, cell phone case, powerbank charger and phone sanitizer

Vacation Getaway – Beach towel, slide sandals, cover-up, hat and sunglasses

Goodnight, Sleep Tight – Pajama pants, sleep mask, tea and mug

Photographs and Memories – Picture frame, t-shirt, graduation sign and graduation bear

As you create bundles, try to offer a wide variety of price points to help all shoppers find the right gift for them. Does your store already offer gift bundles? What has been a best-seller for you? Let us know in the comments!


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