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Simplifying Publisher Consignment Rentals

Posted by T.A. Nathan on 5/13/20 6:00 AM
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Publisher consignment rentals help lower student costs and provide bookstores with a recyclable rental product that is easy to adopt and manage. We recently sat down with MBS Vice President of Inventory Control Michael Tolly to talk with him about publisher consignment rentals.

Simplify Publisher Consignment Rental

What is the leading benefit of publisher consignment rentals at a campus bookstore?

The greatest benefit publisher consignment rentals bring to campus bookstore is student affordability which increases with low-cost print options and stores can earn a decent margin on each transaction. On top of that, there is no upfront cost to the bookstore adding these titles to their inventory. I look at it like this: If you decide not to participate in publisher consignment rentals, then someone else will. Give your customers the choice.


How do publisher consignment rentals work from a logistical standpoint?

There’s an impression that they may be difficult to set up or a hassle. Depending on the system a store uses, some additional reporting is required, but for ordering and returns, it works like any other title. The store makes the buying decisions and we fill the order. Stores can return overstock just like any other return to MBS.


What are the benefits of PCR over loose-leaf titles?

The biggest benefit of publisher consignment rentals over loose-leaf titles is the cheaper upfront price to students. Not only that, consignment rentals are sustainable and recyclable. Not every consignment title has a loose-leaf equivalent. I recommend providing options to the student rather than making the choice on their behalf. 


Publisher consignment rental how-to video

If you have questions regarding Publisher Consignment Rentals, contact your MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager. 


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