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Tailored Support Adds Efficiency to College Store Processes

Posted by Liz Schulte on 1/24/22 6:15 AM
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When college stores have the support they need, they can offer more to their campus community. The day-to-day system tools from eCommerce to back-office can have a huge impact on how much can be accomplished in a day. However, stores must have access to ongoing training, quality customer support and knowledgeable product experts to truly maximize their capabilities.

Tailored Support Adds Efficiency to College Store ProcessesWe recently spoke with Jamie Knipp, Manager Online Client Services, MBS Store Technology Solutions to discuss how MBS Store Technology Solutions collegiate retail system partners benefit from outstanding support services.

How does the Client Services department provide the level of support that customers need?

The client services team works to learn the needs of each store and user. We tailor training based on system-usage, so each partner store has the resources and support they need to achieve store goals. Our representatives work with stores directly. We set up regular calls with stores depending on their preferences and goals. Some stores might want to speak weekly, and some might choose to check in quarterly — it really is a personalized experience. We also offer additional support, when necessary, via our tier-2 support team and the technical services team. These specialized groups give customers a deeper level of support to find or explain more complicated solutions. Our goal with customers is to help them use the system efficiently and to do their job effectively.

What kind of initiatives do you help college stores undertake?

We will work with customers on any system-related initiatives. We proactively meet with partners on an annual or cyclical basis to discuss store goals and how the system can be used to support their initiatives. We also like to meet with stores prior to any major bookstore events to discuss and confirm that they are prepared and have everything system-related that they need on their end. As the industry changes and new ways to accommodate the college bookstore industry are brought to light, MBS adapts to the changes and our team assists customers on the new processes.

What is your goal when working with customers and how does your team proactively help them?

My goal when working with customers is to ensure that any questions or requests are resolved as quickly as possible. One of the best things about our group is that we all work together to assist customers. Our top priority is making sure that our customers have the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. So, if someone needs help assisting a customer with a specific question, quite frequently another Client Rep can provide the answer without having to escalate to tier-2 support — however, that option is always there. Each person on our team brings a different level of knowledge and has the communication skills to teach others quickly and efficiently what to do to solve the issue. This allows our Client Services team to successfully and quickly assist customers.

How does your team personalize the service you provide partners and what advice would you give a new customer?

We learn the needs of each store and user that we work with. This lets us tailor their training and how we communicate with them to best fit into their daily routines. Mostly we try to train and assist customers based on what is relevant to their goals and current task they are trying to achieve. This personalized approach helps make sure that stores can keep moving toward their goals and achieve what they set out to do.

What’s your favorite customer interaction?

That’s so hard to choose. Mostly, my favorite interactions happen when customers bring me a question and while we are talking about the solution, it all suddenly clicks together for them. Like that moment when it all makes sense.


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