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Taking the Customer Experience to New Heights With MBS Store Technology Solutions

Posted by Liz Schulte on 5/31/22 7:00 AM
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Providing unparalleled support, improving college store processes and helping lower costs drives MBS Store Technology Solutions’ innovation and commitment to excellence. We are always working to bring the latest technology to college stores to help streamline store processes, giving you more time to engage and interact with customers.

Taking the Customer Experience to New HeightsWith a quickly evolving market, stores need a system partner they can count on to provide ample support and product updates that make your life easier.

Some of our latest system updates are designed to help stores:

  • Better succeed in a competitive market with improved customer relationship management
  • Personalize marketing with extractable data
  • Quickly locate customer and transaction information with intuitive search and filtering options
  • Streamline inclusive access management with time saving integrations
  • Better highlight merchandise on the college store site

MBS provides the technology college stores need to thrive while lowering the total cost of system ownership and providing extensive support services.

Learn more about our system features that save college stores time, improve customer relationship management and marketing, and strengthen eCommerce sites.

If you are a current system partner, all of these features are available to your store now. Simply speak with your MBS system representative. If you are not a current system partner, now is a great time to learn more about the MBS System. Contact your MBS system representative today.


Find out how MBS can help you reduce overhead, save students money and  streamline operations with a tailored retail management system. Learn More


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