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MBS Store Technology Solutions POS Support Team Offers College Stores Vital Support

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/7/22 6:00 AM
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The POS is one of the most important tools in the college store. A problem with the POS can quickly escalate without the proper support services. That’s why MBS Store Technology Solutions provides college stores with dedicated POS support representatives. We recently sat down with MBS Store Technology Solutions System Support Manager Sam Horn to discuss how his team supports college stores.

MBS Store Technology Solutions POS Support Team Offers College Stores Vital SupportHow are POS support services customized for partners?

One way we provide customized support is by being available any time customers need us. This around-the-clock support is a vital part of keeping stores running. We provide partners with a fast turnaround time on problems. We take a great deal of pride in resolving issues in a timely manner, so stores can get back to the business of taking care of the college bookstore instead of waiting on the resolution of a problem.

All of our representatives answer questions and resolve issues using easy-to-understand terms instead of “geek speak.” This means stores don’t have to have a technical background to resolve an issue. We simply walk customers through the resolution steps.

Additionally, the POS system offers a variety of options, from simple things such as receipt logos and register graphics to personalization of register functions and tenders, to help customize the POS for each partner store. We have an incredible lineup of resources for additional knowledge or training to help college stores customize the POS to best fit their store.


What achievements in the past few years are you most proud of your team for accomplishing?

As with any industry, we have been affected by the COVID pandemic. We have worked to navigate the challenges of the pandemic for our staff and our customers while maintaining the same high-quality support through a very difficult time. I am so proud of each member of our team and their willingness to always go above and beyond.

Another accomplishment is with the rollout of our new CRM module. It has made it possible to view electronic journals on ARC. The team has been able to quickly master this new feature so they can help stores with any questions they might have.

We also streamlined the emailed reports system using the latest technology. Now all bookstores can take advantage of this feature.  This helps save paper and adds additional ease by allowing multiple people to get the daily reports.


What advice would you give MBS Store Technology Solutions partners to ensure they are getting the most from their POS?

First, keep current on the POS releases. They really are the best way to ensure you are getting the most recent options and the best performance for your store. Next, take advantage of all that MBS offers. From training to customization options, we have an amazing group that is happy to help fulfill your bookstore’s POS needs. And finally, MBS Service Center offers lots of knowledge for stores and is a great resource for our customers. This is where you can find the POS manual and where most daily operation questions can be answered.


What POS training and ongoing education is available to college store partners?

After implementation training, stores can select from three training packages to lock in services for the upcoming year. These training packages include unlimited webinars (via Zoom) which can be a fantastic resource for ongoing education.

Additionally, MBS offers free training webinars and events. Users have the opportunity to attend two Forums training events held in Columbia, Missouri, or virtually depending on circumstances. Here customers get a hands-on learning experience working with MBS experts, networking with other college stores and participating in round-table discussions.

Store staff also has access to an abundance of self-guided training resources, including a comprehensive educational resource center, training videos and materials, and system enhancement information for self-paced learning and quick walk-throughs. Our customer education team also sends out weekly tidbit videos that consist of short, educational information and resources that provide customers with tips and processes that positively impact their store.


What has been your favorite customer interaction?

This is a tough one. In my 15+ years at MBS, I have had a lot of great experiences with stores, and each of those are great memories. However, I would have to say that working with a store for several days to help the campus network and firewall teams restore communications for the POS system after a firewall update caused a major disruption for the bookstore’s server and registers is an experience I will never forget.

We were able to work together to find the solution, using some very creative tools. It was amazing to hear the store staff “scream” with happiness once all communications were working again. It was loud enough that a coworker overheard it in the next cubical. It was a great feeling knowing we had resolved the issue by working together and it forged a bond between us all.

A few months later, the bookstore sent some staff members to MBS for training. The store manager was so happy to meet us in person and said we were “their heroes”. It was so special to see what our support means to our customers and their stores.


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