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Battle for Books Brings New Ideas to TCTC Campus Store

Posted by admin on 11/10/11 10:00 PM
After attending MBS’ exclusive webinar, Battle for Books, TCTC Campus Store discovered a renewed energy to fight back against the competition and reclaim even more student business. 
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Defensive Strategies Series:Stacy Elofir's Advice on Creating a Community

Posted by admin on 9/27/11 11:00 PM

We understand that competitors have invaded your market share. That's why, as your ally in the industry, we created the Battle for Books webinar to offer you defensive strategies that you can use to overcome those e-tailers and rogue buyers. We believe, however, that there's often no better source for novel ideas than amongst your own colleagues, so we organized three of the most innovative collegiate retailers to share their experiences with you. This week, we'll take a look back at some of the highlights!

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