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5 Graduation Events to Boost End-of-Term Sales

Posted by Liz Schulte on 5/15/23 6:30 AM
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Graduation is a wonderful, momentous occasion to celebrate with friends and family. It also marks an end for many students as they move away from the campus that has been their home for the years leading up to this moment. As the term winds down, the college store can help send off graduates with mementos they will treasure, technology they will need and a connection with your school that could last a lifetime.5 Graduation Events to Boost End-of-Term Sales

Graduation events can help college stores attract a wider market of shoppers, including graduating students, current students, immediate families, extended families, friends, alumni, faculty and staff. Creating some fun sales and marketing opportunities that get into the spirit of celebration can help your store end the school year strong.

5 graduation sales events for college stores

  1. Invite everyone to join in the celebration
    Graduation events don’t just have to be for the graduating students. Create a sales event that is in honor of graduation but is for everyone. You could offer shoppers a percentage off for a day. Or, try something a little different with a buy more, save more event. Simply give a set amount off based on how much the shopper spends. For example, spend $50 get $5 off, spend $75 get $10 off, spend $150 get $30 off, etc.

  2. Simplify gift giving
    Sometimes it is hard to pick out the right gift for someone. Offer in-store and online graduation gift bundles that help take the guess work out of picking out a great present. Create special gift bundles that include items like graduation-themed apparel, mugs, keychains, and stationery. These bundles can be offered at a discounted price to attract customers looking for graduation gifts.

  3. Calling all graduates
    As you are preparing your marketing push for graduating students, don’t forget about those who came before them. Widen your graduate sales campaigns to include all alumni, both new and old. Consider offering deals on clothing, accessories, office décor and game-day merchandise.

  4. Upgrade for the future
    As former students are headed out into their new lives give them one last chance to take advantage of the great educational discounts they can get on technology and electronics through the college store. Highlight new laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices they might want to upgrade before they walk across the stage.

  5. Stay connected
    Finally, plan to promote your store’s loyalty program and start collecting new email addresses for graduating seniors. This will help you expand your existing alumni email database so you can continue to offer them great deals on school-branded merchandise.

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What does your store do to promote sales during graduation? Tell us about your most successful events in the comments below.


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