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Arc Steals the Show at CAMEX

Posted by Dean Asher on 3/16/16 9:44 AM
Topics: MBS Systems, retail management, MBS Arc

Vice President of MBS Customer Relations Sarah Shiflett has seen a lot of positive reactions over the years she's given product demos and feature presentations. She's seen smiles, she's heard applause and cheers, but she'd never seen the level of excitement she witnessed at CAMEX.

MBS Systems Sales Consultant Vic Hoffman showcases Arc at CAMEX.What elicited such a profound response from customers? Arc, MBS' new single-portal-access management tool.

"The enthusiasm is infectious, it's so exciting for everybody," she said.

From its single sign-on access to its fully customizable screens and features, Arc had people talking throughout the entire event.

Other features Shiflett said elicited a "strong, immediate reaction" include new buyer trends information, in-line images of merchandise and the ability to customize the interface, simplifying stores' view of Arc and making it easier to hone in on the data they use.

"It's gotten a strong, immediate, enthusiastic response," Shiflett said. "I think the flexibility and control we’re giving stores — from being able to change around what’s on screen at any given time to suit them, to taking their raw data and letting them interact with it — that’s the key. We’re letting them control everything, saying ‘there’s no right or wrong way to do this, there’s only your way.’”

Want to get a more personal look at what Arc has to offer your store? Be on the lookout for Arc webinars with the MBS Systems team, coming soon!

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