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Campus Store Conversations: Stores Get More Savings With SimpleSource

Posted by Liz Schulte on 11/23/20 6:15 AM
Topics: sourcing textbooks, used textbooks, future of the textbook industry

SimpleSource is one of the industry’s best ordering tools. It is easy to use, saves stores time and lowers costs. Nationwide, stores are benefiting from the streamlined service this tool provides

Stores Get More Savings With SimpleSourceWhen stores are able to order the majority of their new and used books from one vender, they save time and overhead costs. Stores can receive their order in one shipment with one invoice. They can see prices and set their own parameters while choosing if they would like to receive MBS wholesale inventory, marketplace inventory or both.

More than that, though, stores get books at a lower average cost. We recently crunched the numbers to find out the average savings for college stores with SimpleSource.

For traditional MBS wholesale inventory, stores averaged:

  • 31% off new textbooks
  • 54% off used textbooks

Stores that chose to source from the Marketplace with SimpleSource averaged:

  • 60% off new textbooks
  • 72% off used textbooks

How has SimpleSource worked for college stores?

“We started using the SimpleSource tool as well. It has broadened our buying ability, which is, again, a way to bring savings to the students and the stores. That’s really all any store is looking for,” Crowder College Bookstore Director Colleen Holland said.

“Up until then, my process had always been to hit up one wholesaler and then go to another. With SimpleSource, I was able to get more books than normal, which really cuts down on freight costs and has helped lower student costs,” Hawk Bookstore Textbook Buyer Charles Kang said

“Because we are getting those cheaper prices with different tiers of pricing, we have at a lower cost which is going to help us out. What we have to get better at, which is what I encourage everyone to do, is start your bin even if you have one book, two books or whatever. Continually, as those adoptions roll in, put them in the system. Get in early and get in often. That’s what we always say,” Derick Robertson, Assistant Director and Course Materials Manager, Georgia Southern University Bookstore said.

Learn more about SimpleSource.


With MBS SimpleSource you get a new way to bin and hold, access to more  inventory and simple marketplace sourcing. Learn More


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