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MBS CRM Expands College Store Marketing and Simplifies Customer Service

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/25/22 6:30 AM
Topics: college store management, campus bookstore marketing, college bookstore system

Improve your store’s customer service and take your marketing to the next level with MBS Store Technology Solutions’ CRM. This valuable enhancement is available right now to every MBS system partner at no additional cost. With CRM, college stores can take control of the customer relationship and thrive.

MBS CRM Expands College Store Marketing and Simplifies Customer ServiceUsing this tool, stores are:

  • Simplifying customer interactions
  • Proactively controlling customer relationships
  • Adding efficiency
  • Competing better through targeted marketing

When a customer needs assistance, CRM is a fast, simple way to access all the information you need to help them. From easily looking up transactions to quickly updating customer information, CRM makes it simple for store associates to more efficiently help customers.

With an integrated customer master file, your store has everything it needs to reach all students on campus. Start your store’s relationship with incoming first-year students as early as possible by letting them know that your store is a one-stop shop for the course materials they will need to succeed and about the great deals they can get on merchandise.

Through the tremendous amount of information at your fingertips in CRM, you can easily identify customers for your targeted marketing campaigns. With access to customer groups, transaction details, promo code usage, loyalty information, etc., you can create specific customer lists to send messages from your marketing platform of choice that truly speak to those customers. For example, if you are having a sale on diploma frames, create a list of graduating seniors. Or, if you have t-shirts for specific events like homecoming, St. Patrick’s Day, etc., create an email list of customers who have purchased like items in the past.

MBS CRM is truly a total solution that helps you elevate your store’s customer service.

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