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Spring into Savings

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 2/3/17 5:30 AM
Topics: college store promotions, MBS Monthly Marketing Plans, Marketing to Students

The spring season is about getting ready for a break, the last push before exams and building business before buyback and summer. This month “Spring into Savings” with a sale designed to clear out the old and make room for new stock.
February 2017 – Spring into SavingsHistorically, retail sales slow after spring rush, making March the prime time for your event. Plan ahead. Determine what you have in storage, what you have too much of and what merchandise you want more people to see.

Download: Spring into Savings Kit
Spring into Savings Sale
Download Kit

Your event

The “Spring into Savings Sale” will include:

  1. Discounts – If you’ve been sitting on some items for a while, it’s time to move them out
  2. Signage – Post around your store, campus and community; everyone likes to know about a big sale
  3. Inserts – Place in customers’ bags to promote the event and some key savings
  4. Social – Have your customers pose with “what they scored at the sale” sign for social media posts.

Promote this sale grass roots style. Use the provided materials, your employees and social media to get people talking.

Let people know – Share what's coming and how it benefits the customer. Why should they block time for you on their calendar? Is it for 50% off hoodies, BOGO notepads or new backpacks? Use the included customizable signage to highlight a few of the items/benefits of coming to the sale. Hang them up … everywhere. In the store, on campus and in the community. If you have a bulletin board with local events, cover the entire thing. Your Spring into Savings Sale is larger than life. The included leaflets are for customers shopping in your store. Customize and place them in the bag after every sale leading up to the big day.

Sale Items – Find what’s been gathering dust for a while. Has it been there for more than a year? Is it out of season? Maybe it’s paid for and the remaining stock is just not moving. With the increase in foot traffic, this is a time to generate awareness for higher-dollar products. They don’t need to be on sale, simply more visible and in a different location.

Poster - Take photos of customers with their purchases and the Spring into Savings sign. Customers showing off the bargains they found will lead to engagement later in the day and give you material to use for other events during the year. Always think about collecting images of your engaged customers.

Social Media – Post about the “Spring into Savings Sale” and why your customers are going to feel amazing when they are shopping with you. Avoid placing prices in your posts. Try some of the examples below on for size.

Your Kit – Everything you need is included. You have flyers to plaster around campus, inserts to place in the bags of existing customers, a poster to have your customers pose with for photos and images formatted for Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Two weeks prior - Outline a plan with your team. Know who is going to be responsible for placing flyers in which areas of campus and town and further outline the expectation of placing the leaflets in each customers’ bag.
  2. One week prior - Begin placing the flyers around campus, town and begin the leaflet campaign. Start your social media teases as well; “Next Friday – Everything is on sale at the bookstore. Spring into Savings Sale starts at 5 p.m.”
  3. Day before - Another social media blast; “Your bookstore appreciates you. Spring into Savings Sale tomorrow at 5 p.m.”
  4. Day of - Ensure your staff knows where key merchandise is located and the different discounts. Arm a few employees with a store camera or cell phone. Make them the official shutterbugs and social media gurus. Use the included poster and have your customers pose with their purchases. Post right away so they can share with their friends. Photos are your friends.

Happy spring! Out with the old, in with the new. Buyback and rental returns are coming soon!

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