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Five Ways to Get Out of Your Twitter Rut

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/17/17 5:30 AM
Topics: social media, twitter, marketing

Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to fall into complacency. The breakneck pace of a Twitter feed makes it harder for your message to be read by a significant portion of your followers. Therefore, using Twitter often feels like no one sees your posts because tweets don’t get as much attention as statuses do on Facebook or pictures Instagram. Many businesses quickly wear out on trying to be creative and fall into the pattern of posting periodic links back to websites and reply only to direct messages. They stop engaging in the real manner that Twitter users want, which lead to their message becoming white noise. Revitalize your Twitter account with these five ideas that you can start implementing today.

Five Ways to Get Out of Your Twitter Rut

  1. Vicarious living
    Live tweeting events remains a popular use of Twitter. Followers like to read along or join in with their own comments. People live tweet anything from panel discussions to reality shows. The options here are endless. You can tweet a store event, complete with pictures, GIFs (like Facebook messenger, Twitter now offers preloaded GIFs for you to choose from) and commentary. Make sure you have a distinct hashtag — always do a search for any hashtag you are creating to make sure it isn’t being used, or if it is, that the subjects are the same. Basically, you are enabling them to live vicariously through your experience. The best example of this is Comic-Con. During the week of the event in San Diego, the internet is swamped with inside-scoops about the events that are taking place in the San Diego Convention Center.
  2. Give your brand a voice
    The companies who do the best on Twitter are the ones who engage — and not just engage professionally. There are a couple of large companies who have made headlines by doing something many businesses are afraid to do, show personality. The fast food chain Wendy’s hilariously responds to tweets from customers and Pizza Hut took a playful nudge at Kayne West. Both of these made their big corporate accounts relatable and relevant. However, not all notable accounts are sarcastic. Accounts like Google have done a great job of sharing a variety of ideas and not shying away from their convictions. However, not everyone has the confidence or ability to engage their audience like the above examples. Another approach is to embrace imagination and offer your followers tweets meant to lift them up and inspire.
  3. Try new marketing ideas
    Twitter offers the ability for paid advertising where, much like Facebook, you can target specific audiences. Also, in 2015, Twitter purchased Periscope, allowing you broadcast live from the Twitter app. With the growing trend of live streaming, it is worth looking into as a potential use of Twitter. One of the more interesting advertising trends going on at the moment is the instant unlock card. Basically, it is a tweet offering exclusive content with a call to action button at the bottom or a custom hashtag. This practice has been used by Marvel and AMC. (Four Trends Which Will Change Social Media Marketing on Twitter)
  4. Trends
    A very basic way to engage more of your audience (and people beyond your followers) is to follow the trending hashtags and tweet about them. The key is to make sure you are on subject, adding a trending hashtag to a post not at all related to it will not be well received. Also, pay attention to industry or hashtags related to your school. They are the best way to engage with a wider audience. Many people set up alerts on tags and follow them regularly.
  5. Be friendly and approachable
    This one sounds easy enough, but it is something a lot of people who are on social media for business purposes have trouble following. Often you feel like you are representing the business so a wall is placed between you, the poster, and the audience. However, what this does is make the message sound cold and impersonal. A great way to get past that is to allow your bookstore account to be an extension of the people who work there. Maybe you had a great discussion on the new Netflix series or a book that morning. There is nothing wrong with tweeting about that and showing your followers that you are just like them. Twitter is also a way to take your customer service to the next level. 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweet receives a reply. Think of these interactions as conversations with your customers, because that’s why they are.

These are easy ways to get your Twitter account out of a rut, but also keep in mind that engagement is two sided. If you want people to like or reply to your tweets, initiate conversations. Like all social media, interaction hinges on being yourself and being social.

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