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Get the Most Out of Your MBS System

Posted by Liz Schulte on 10/9/23 8:45 AM
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How often do you review your store’s daily, weekly, monthly and yearly processes? Is there room to add efficiency and streamline the manual work your staff does? The continually updated MBS system provides college stores with tools and resources to help them save time and simplify vital store processes. To make sure your staff stays up to date on all of the system functionality available to your store, consider budgeting for one of MBS’ training packages.

Get the most out of your MBS System

“Probably the number one benefit of partnering with MBS Store Technology Solutions has been the array and number of applications that are housed in Arc. It has really allowed our purchasing and accounting teams to work in tandem with one another and achieve a high level of accuracy and control over our inventory,” Craig Bauer, Course Materials Manager, University of Manitoba BookStore, said. “Honestly, we have such a ridiculously low level of inventory shrinkage, by industry standards. We have our processes outlined and they work time and again. Those processes are possible because of the breadth of applications in Arc — the different accounting-related functions, point-of-sale functions, purchasing functions and the ability to run everything through stock ledger. It's just a powerful set of applications that positions us to perform with a high level of accuracy in our receiving, sales and purchasing. That translates into a really low level of shrinkage, which is terrific for our bottom line.”

Read more about how the UM BookStore achieve inventory accuracy.

The MBS system is designed to help streamline unique college store processes. It is important that all store personnel who use the system on a regular basis stay current on the conveniences the system brings to their jobs. That’s why we encourage stores to sign up for one of our training packages. With in-depth, customized training, stores can better keep up with rapid industry changes, bring new employees quickly up to date and prepare for seasonal tasks.

MBS Training Packages:

Silver - Unlimited custom webinars (via Zoom) for up to one year. In-person training at our MBS headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, is also available by request.

Gold - All silver package features, plus one three-day on-site custom training class.

Platinum - All silver package features, plus two three-day on-site custom training courses.

Simply, select the correct package for your store’s needs and you will have access to training throughout the next year.

Free Training Resources

MBS also provides system partners with additional free training opportunities. Let’s take a look at the resources available to help stores at any time.

The Resource Center – The Resource Center gives stores a one-stop location where they can find information about recent releases, database update dates, technical documentation, previous webinars and brief Tidbit Tuesday training videos.

Multi-store training webinars – MBS hosts multi-store webinars to walk all of our partners through system enhancements. These webinars give partners a first look at upcoming changes to the system and teach them how to begin using them right away.

MBS Forums Events – Biannually, MBS hosts a training event called Forums. Forums events have been held in-person and virtually. Through this event, stores are able to learn directly from MBS experts, hear about what is coming up for the system, network with college store peers and get hands-on training.

If you are a systems partner and haven’t yet registered for the 2023 Fall Forums, do so now.

MBS works to bring college stores the best tools and resources. To learn more about the MBS system, contact one of our system sales consultants today.


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