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Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Textbook Adoption Rates [White Paper]

Posted by Liz Schulte on 9/16/19 6:00 AM
Topics: campus store, faculty adoption rates, textbook adoption

Campus stores must lower course material costs to help improve college affordability and ensure student success. However, without on-time textbook adoptions, many affordability solutions are simply not possible. The “Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Adoption Rates” white paper is designed to help campus stores improve faculty communication and increase adoption rates.

Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Textbook Adoption Rates>>Download the Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Adoption Rates white paper now!

Improve your campus store’s faculty textbook adoption rates

Nearly every department on campus cares about student success and affordability, but individuals may feel powerless to effect change. It’s hard to see what they can personally do to provide students with a more affordable college education.

However, campus stores know that individual faculty members can significantly impact student affordability. Something as simple as submitting on-time adoptions can make a real difference in students’ lives.

That’s why campus stores that make course material costs part of a wider campus discussion have more success overcoming the issues that stand in the way of course material affordability. By explaining why on-time adoptions matter and showing how they impact student costs, your store can create stronger faculty relationships that benefit students, the school and the campus store.

In this white paper, discover ways to discuss the importance of on-time adoptions, get result-driven best practices, and utilize the email and letter template to simplify faculty communication. Download the Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Adoption Rates white paper now.

Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Adoption Rates White Paper

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