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MBS Rental Rebate Program Helps College Stores Better Compete

Posted by Liz Schulte on 5/9/22 7:00 AM
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College store rental programs can better compete and increase market share with MBS Rental. Our competitive rebate program (an industry best) guarantees rebates on a large number of titles and minimizes risk for the college store.

MB Rental Rebate Program Helps College Stores Better CompeteHow does the MBS Rental Rebate Program work?

The process is extremely simple.

  1. As adoptions come in, create a list of potential rentals (i.e. all the titles you might later choose to offer as rentals)
  2. Submit your potential rental list to MBS
  3. Update your quote with additional titles as more adoptions come in
  4. MBS will send back your guaranteed rebate amounts for each qualifying title
  5. Make an informed decision

Once you receive back your guaranteed rebate amounts, you can decide which titles to offer in your rental program and easily set the rental price. Also, receiving a guaranteed rebate quote does not commit your store to sell MBS specific titles. It simply gives you a way to establish your rental program with the safety net of knowing the minimum you will get back for each title.

MBS Rental advantages:

  • Competitive pricing
    MBS Rental rebates help offset the cost of your store's rental books. You control your rental prices, ensuring the store offers savings that will entice students to shop on campus.

  • Guaranteed rebates
    Once you submit your rental list, we send back your guaranteed rebate amounts. Be sure to submit your rental list as soon as possible to maximize the number of titles you receive. You can always update your quote with additional titles as they are adopted.

  • Timely payments
    Rental books are due to MBS two weeks after the last exam. You receive your payment within 30 days from the day of check-in.

  • Purchase inventory from any source
    It doesn’t matter where you purchased your rental inventory. The competitive rebate program remains the same.

  • No contracts or agreements
    There are no contracts or agreements to sign.

Submit your summer term rental list now to lock in your rebate amounts. We will begin accepting Fall rental lists on June 3, 2022. Submit your rental list via your MBS Rental application or email


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