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MBS Store Technology Solutions POS Support Team Offers College Stores Vital Support

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/7/22 6:00 AM

The POS is one of the most important tools in the college store. A problem with the POS can quickly escalate without the proper support services. That’s why MBS Store Technology Solutions provides college stores with dedicated POS support representatives. We recently sat down with MBS Store Technology Solutions System Support Manager Sam Horn to discuss how his team supports college stores.

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Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your MBS System

Posted by T.A. Nathan on 2/25/20 6:00 AM

Our retail management system is always adapting with industry changes and technological advancements. We’ve spoken with some system support experts to get tips that will help you save time and increase efficiency. 

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Protect Yourself: Small Businesses are Prime Targets for POS Cyberattacks

Posted by Lori Reese on 12/15/17 5:30 AM

How’s this for a mind-boggling number? $2 trillion. That’s how much cybercrime is projected to cost businesses by 2019, according to Forbes.

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Catastrophe: What Happens When the POS Goes Down?

Posted by Lori Reese on 10/20/17 5:30 AM

Let’s say you have the nation’s most beautiful omnichannel college store set-up: a bricks-and-mortar offering that draws traffic with a café and lounge chairs, an app with vibrant color photos of your spirit wear and gifts, and a website students can access from any device.

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UVU Bookstore Evolves With the Latest Technologies

Posted by Lori Reese on 8/28/17 5:30 AM

In 2011, Utah Valley University Bookstore made a brave choice: It transitioned from a locally-owned POS to an MBS Systems POS amid a rapid increase in student enrollment. Since then, MBS’ support and technology has allowed it to grow and develop along with the student population.

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University Book Store Unveils Updated Location

Posted by admin on 5/19/13 11:00 PM

Since last October, University Book Store at University of Wisconsin – Madison has been under renovation. The 20,000 square foot remodel focused on adding space to their selling area and creating a more retail-centric atmosphere. The results, according to director Kevin Phelps, are phenomenal.

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UVU Bookstore Enhances Customer Service Through the MBS System

Posted by admin on 11/29/11 10:00 PM


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UMD Stores Build Customer Loyalty

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 9/6/11 11:00 PM

With so many consumer options available it can be difficult to keep students coming back to your store. For this reason, loyal customers are a retailer’s biggest asset when it comes to staying competitive, and rewarding these repeat visitors is essential to continued success.

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Lessen Your Hassle with a Hosting Model

Posted by admin on 5/22/11 11:00 PM

Upgrades, maintenance and new hardware can all add up to equally significant financial and operational strain on your store. In an effort to reduce this hassle, MBS created our innovative hosting model, nearly nine years ago. Today, over three-fourths of our systems customers are deployed in a hosted model, providing full integration with the MBS POS, as well as all MBS applications.

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Cut Down on Clutter with Signature Capture

Posted by admin on 5/12/11 11:00 PM

Seeing stacks of paper in your sleep? Now, you can reduce the clutter and spare your sanity by letting your POS deal with the headache of sorting and organizing those receipts you would have kept in storage boxes in the past. MBS POS offers signature capture on Credit, Debit and SFA transactions!

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