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A Window of Opportunity

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/11/18 5:30 AM

As an author, the first chance you have to bring a reader into your world is with your book cover. A great cover will stop a person who is browsing. The art will present an intriguing story to the reader that makes them want to know more. Once the book is in their hands, it is up to the content inside to make the sale and create a loyal customer, but it is the cover that makes the introduction. With a college store, creative and eye-catching window displays act in the same manner.

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How to Connect With Your Local Audience Using Pinterest

Posted by Kate Seat on 9/27/16 9:15 AM

Pinterest may lack the targeting tools of some of the other social media platforms but that doesn't mean you should discount it as a resource for communicating with your customers. With its inherently visual nature and more than 100 million active subscribers, Pinterest is a user-friendly and cost-effective addition to your marketing toolkit — especially for connecting with your local customer base.

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Pinterest's Video Ads Now Available (for Some)

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/19/16 8:00 AM

Video has become a marketing staple for brands to use when communicating with current or potential customers. While it is a little bit late to the game — and not yet available to everyone — Pinterest's Promoted Video could be a vital tool for showcasing your store's merchandise.

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How to Make Your Store's Pinterest Page More Productive

Posted by Kate Seat on 1/22/16 1:00 AM

Does your store have a Pinterest page? If so, are you using it to the fullest? Like Instagram, Pinterest allows you to make a strong visual impact — specifically, by showcasing your merchandise! Check out this excerpt from a post on Small Biz Trends for some easy ways to play up your Pinterest presence!

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Why Your Store Should Use Pinterest to Boost Revenue [Infographic]

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 5/12/15 11:00 PM

A goal of any retail store running their own social media platforms is to ultimately utilize those platforms to get customers in the store and spend money. People know that using Facebook and Twitter are essential to accomplishing that goal, but a comparably small number of retail businesses have yet to bring that strategy to Pinterest, which continues to grow its userbase on a daily basis. After all, studies show that customers spend more money when they come from Pinterest than any other social site. We've included Hubspot's infographic below that discusses how to best use Pinterest to grow your revenue, but be sure to check out their blog for this and more interesting content!

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