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3 Fun Campus Store Events to End the Term

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/8/24 8:30 AM
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Graduation time is quickly approaching, but how can college stores increase sales and student traffic before students return home? Most likely, your store already has its graduation events planned. However, there is time to incorporate another fun event or two before finals and students walk across the stage. Fun-Sales-Events-to-End-the-Term_FO-Header_Proof-v2-240405

The Staff’s Favorites Sale

You might have missed retail staff appreciation week (beginning of March), but you can still highlight your staff members while also driving customer traffic. This sale could be a weeklong event or short online flash sales. Ask each staff member what their favorite merchandise in the store is, and then put that item on sale. When you post about the sale on your store’s social media channels, highlight the staff member. Post a picture of the employee and introduce them to your customers. This sale not only helps humanize your store, but it also makes it easier for customers to find someone to ask for help when they come in later.

Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring is a great time to move older merchandise out. There are several ways you could accomplish this. You could set up a sale and advertise it, you could try a Facebook live sale event, host a series of flash sales, or if you don’t have time to set up another event, simply create some clearance racks or a clearance section — you could also add a clearance section to your eCommerce site. Shoppers will appreciate being able to find a bargain in the store and online without the limited time frame of a sales event.

Hello Spring Sidewalk Sale

The best part about spring is the weather is getting progressively nicer. Rather than trying to bring students inside, you can host a sidewalk sale. The advantages are it makes it easier for people casually passing by to shop, you might catch more impulse shoppers, and you get to be outside (provided it is a nice day).

Try something different this term and see how it goes. Keep the events simple, easy to manage and use any marketing resource at your disposal. What events have been especially successful for your store? Let us know in the comments!


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