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How to Make the Most of Your Buyback Promo Dollars

Posted by Liz Schulte on 11/18/20 6:30 AM
Topics: buyback, textbook buyback, marketing for college bookstores

Digital advertising can help you expand your bookstore’s reach, but you may not have money set aside in your budget to invest in advertising online. This term, as buyback quickly approaches, consider using your MBS promo dollars to digitally advertise your in-store or online buyback.

How to make the most of your buyback promo dollarsThink about how you advertise a typical store event. You might put up signs in your store and around campus, tell customers, post about it on social media, and send out an email or text. Buyback is exactly the same only this year the situations are different. Maybe your campus doesn’t have the same amount of foot traffic. Maybe buyback will be completely different because of COVID-19 restrictions. All of this is information you need to share with your students.

The problem is students, like the rest of us, are constantly passed information. With so much demanding our attention, it is easy to overlook information that might be important. So, the best approach for college stores to market their buyback this term is to cover all of their bases. Post buyback updates on social media, send out multiple emails to students, make a video explaining the new procedure and advertise online.

Online advertising might be something you are already familiar with doing or maybe you have never tried it before because it just wasn’t in the budget. Did you know you can use your MBS promo dollars to pay for online advertising?

There are a couple easy ways to get started with online advertising:

Social media
On social media you can boost an existing post so it reaches more of your target audience or set up an advertisement. These platforms make it simple to narrow down the prospective viewers to better reach your target audience.

When choosing a platform, make sure you consider the audience on each. You might reach the most students on Instagram, but a video or enticing image will do better at gaining students’ attention. On Facebook, you might be able to better reach parents and faculty or staff. Make sure your message on each platform is written for the audience you have in mind.

Click on these links to learn more about marketing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


Another option is to advertise with Google. In general, advertisers report making $8 per $1 spent on Google advertising, so there is good potential for a significant return on investment. When you set up a Google ad, consider your keywords. Keywords help Google direct your ad to the people looking for information about your buyback.

Read more about online advertising here.

If you have questions about your promo dollars, please contact your MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager. What are other creative ways you use your MBS promo dollars? Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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