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Independent College Bookstore Industry Trends: eCommerce

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/12/21 6:30 AM
Topics: college store system, campus ecommerce solution, benefits of online retail

One of the most important outlets for college bookstores is the eCommerce website. As the world around us continues to change and evolve, the eCommerce site has become increasingly important to the store’s relationship with students, the campus and the outside community. In the Independent College Bookstore Industry Trends: eCommerce White Paper, we take a look at how college stores have updated eCommerce sites for the immediate market shift.

Independent College Bookstore Industry Trends: eCommerceThe white paper covers the four fundamental cornerstones of eCommerce for college stores.

  1. Updating eCommerce sites
    Effective changes you can make to your eCommerce site to streamline navigation, eliminate barriers and better serve students.

  2. Improving web traffic and online sales
    Ways to promote web traffic and encourage more online sales through better functionality, business intelligence and daily routines.

  3. Streamlining ordering and fulfillment
    Practical examples of how stores of all sizes can work to make ordering easier for customers as well as improving back-office processes to make order fulfillment faster and more accurate.

  4. Promoting the online store
    How to promote your online college store using social media, campus relationships with faculty, departments and groups, and simple marketing techniques that any store can implement.

For each cornerstone, we share real-life examples of how stores are making scalable changes that help produce results. Learn simple ways to update your website and processes while continuing to develop the eCommerce sales channel in a way that fits your specific store.

Download Independent College Bookstore Industry Trends: eCommerce White Paper now.


Download the Independent College Bookstore Industry Trends: eCommerce white  paper to discover ways to improve your website, update processes and promote  online shopping. Download Now  


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