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Offer Students Guaranteed Buyback This Fall

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/13/22 6:45 AM
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Guaranteed buyback simply means guaranteeing a minimum buyback price on qualifying textbooks upfront. When purchasing their textbooks at the beginning of term, students can easily see the minimum they will receive back at the end of term, making it simple to make informed, financial decisions. Best of all, you can offer this transparent pricing and guaranteed minimum buyback amounts without risk to the bookstore. Here’s how.

Offer Students Guaranteed BuybackHow MBS Supports Guaranteed Buyback

MBS offers stores the option to submit their course material list for a guaranteed buyback quote. Simply submit your entire list of potential guaranteed buyback titles to MBS through your store’s standard MBS rental quote process. MBS will send back a quote containing guaranteed amounts on the titles we will purchase at the end of term. Throughout the term, your store can update the quote with additional titles not previously included.

The inventory doesn’t have to be purchased from MBS to qualify, there is no contract or agreement so your store can easily keep the course materials it needs, you set your own prices and you will receive a check from us within 30 days from the day of check in.

Guaranteed buyback programs are a great addition to every store. Showing students they can get a financial return on their textbooks drives end-of-term buyback traffic and encourages students to sell back all of their unwanted, non-rental course materials.


  • It doesn’t matter where the inventory was purchased
  • Set your own prices
  • There is no contract or agreement
  • Receive a check within 30 days from the day of check-in

Why Offer Guaranteed Buyback:

  • More upfront, low-cost options for students
    Cost-conscious students love having more ways to save on their course materials. Knowing exactly how much they can get back at the end of term helps students see the true cost of ownership and increases price transparency.

  • Offer an upfront buyback price to students
    Use the guaranteed rebate amount from MBS to set a minimum guaranteed buyback price for textbooks at the start of term. If the book is readopted, your store can choose to set a higher retail buyback price. If it's not readopted, your store can return it to MBS for the guaranteed price.

  • Get students back to the bookstore
    Low-cost options give students a great reason to purchase books from your store rather than competitors, increasing beginning-of-term foot traffic. It also increases your end-of-term traffic, driving more student traffic to buyback.

MBS is now accepting summer and fall guaranteed buyback lists. If your store is an MBS Store Technology Solutions partner, send your list via your MBS Rental application. Select Work with My Rental Quotes to get started. If you are not a systems partner, please email your list to

Submit your lists as soon as possible!


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