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Plan an in-Person Buyback Event This Spring

Posted by Liz Schulte on 2/22/21 6:30 AM
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It’s nearly time for textbook buyback again. As the end of term swiftly approaches, it’s good to have a solid buyback plan in place that you can start communicating to students. An in-person buyback offers so many benefits to the college store and students. Today, we are going to look at ways stores can plan a safe, on-campus buyback this term.

Plan an in-person buyback event this springThe benefits of an in-person buyback

Online buyback is a tremendous option for students, but it doesn’t quite replace an in-person event where students leave with money in hand, books can be checked for quality and you can ensure rentals aren’t accidentally sold elsewhere.

However, with the current COVID-19 conditions, you might need to get approvals to host a buyback event. When approaching administrators, highlight why buyback is a necessary event for the store and for students.

How buyback impacts the college store

  • The store can purchase books that will be used the next term and lower acquisition costs
  • The store can ensure it gets rental books back
  • The store can increase in-store traffic and promote products and merchandise

How buyback impacts students

  • Students can get money for their unwanted books
  • Students have more low-cost book options the next term
  • Students appreciate the added convenience and service which creates goodwill

Steps for planning an on-campus buyback

  1. Scout potential campus locations that have space for social distancing
    Before you present your in-person buyback plan, it is good to have a couple viable location options where you can show how traffic can be safely handled, following local, state and national guidelines. Also, consider how close the location is to your store. There are benefits to holding buyback near your physical store location, including increased foot-traffic.

  2. Get any necessary administrative approval
    Find out who needs to sign off on your buyback event on campus and prepare to present the idea. Make sure you share the benefits of the event and any historical data you have that might help you make your case. Be prepared with alternatives in case certain aspects of the plan creates roadblocks.

  3. Ensure you have the necessary PPE for every buyback worker
    Once your plan is approved, start working on the logistics. How many buyback workers will you need and what kind of PPE will your store provide them? Also, consider how you will handle the returned books.

  4. Explore what marketing channels are available to your store
    Everything for the past year has been so up in the air, this term it might be a good idea to start communicating how buyback will be handled with students sooner than later. Look at the ways you can better communicate with students on your campus and make a plan for how you want to use your MBS buyback promo dollars to help drive traffic to your buyback.

  5. Set up a way for immunocompromised students or students in quarantine to sell back their books
    Finally, don’t forget about the students who may not be able to participate in an in-person buyback. You can offer them an online buyback option, or some stores have had a good response with setting up Zoom meetings to quote students buyback values.


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