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Blue Colt Bookstore Uses New Media to Reach Students

Posted by admin on 9/21/11 11:00 PM

The competition for student business is only increasing in the collegiate retail industry. And, for many, the effects are easy to see. Finding a solution, on the other hand, can be much more of a challenge.

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Increase Sales With Your Receipts

Posted by admin on 9/18/11 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from the article 'Six ways to Increase Sales with Your Receipts' by Stephen Enfield, president and CEO of POS Supply Solutions. View the full article.

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A Positive Industry Outlook:College Stores are Here to Stay!

Posted by admin on 9/7/11 11:00 PM

Change is an inevitable occurrence in any industry and, with an abundance of new trends, technologies, and competition, collegiate retail is certainly no exception. Many often assume, however, that change is a word to be feared, a threat. But Patty Clark, manager of Commodore Books and More at Lorain County Community College, believes just the opposite.

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UMD Stores Build Customer Loyalty

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 9/6/11 11:00 PM

With so many consumer options available it can be difficult to keep students coming back to your store. For this reason, loyal customers are a retailer’s biggest asset when it comes to staying competitive, and rewarding these repeat visitors is essential to continued success.

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MBS Solutions Series: Expand Your Opportunities

Posted by admin on 7/13/11 11:00 PM

In the article Bricks’ Still Strong in a ‘Clicks’ World, published in NACS June 17 edition of the Campus Marketplace e-newsletter by Michael von Glahn, Editor of The College Store magazine, CAMEX attendees identified a list of both positive and negative issues affecting the collegiate retail industry.

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ITC Systems Teams with MBS Systems for Campus Bookstore Services

Posted by admin on 7/7/11 11:00 PM

A seamless partnership enabling extension of MBS' POS solutions with ITC Systems' integrated campus card solution

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Lessen Your Hassle with a Hosting Model

Posted by admin on 5/22/11 11:00 PM

Upgrades, maintenance and new hardware can all add up to equally significant financial and operational strain on your store. In an effort to reduce this hassle, MBS created our innovative hosting model, nearly nine years ago. Today, over three-fourths of our systems customers are deployed in a hosted model, providing full integration with the MBS POS, as well as all MBS applications.

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Cut Down on Clutter with Signature Capture

Posted by admin on 5/12/11 11:00 PM

Seeing stacks of paper in your sleep? Now, you can reduce the clutter and spare your sanity by letting your POS deal with the headache of sorting and organizing those receipts you would have kept in storage boxes in the past. MBS POS offers signature capture on Credit, Debit and SFA transactions!

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PCC Bookstore Grows with MBS

Posted by admin on 5/5/11 11:00 PM

Portland Community College Bookstore strives to support the college mission by providing exceptional service, reasonably priced items and an overall desire to help students in any way they can. However, with 4 metropolitan campuses, their mission is no easy task. That’s why, for the past 19 years, they have worked alongside MBS to stay on the cutting edge and expand their store with the latest technology.

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Customize your store's website with inSite Content Manager

Posted by admin on 4/21/11 11:00 PM

inSite Content Manager now offers a flexible, modular page layout to help customize your online store. We have completely redesigned the file interface for images and documents that allow you to add content to any page with ease. These innovative enhancements also allow you to customize additional navigation options, including submenus and design your store with full CSS support. When you enable the new inSite Content Manger, it will not simply change your existing site, but rather allow you to maintain your current store while building an improved iCM site.

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