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Training Opportunities for Maximizing Your Collegiate Retail System

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/13/23 6:30 AM
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Your collegiate retail system touches nearly everything that happens in your store. When staff stay current on new functionality and work with our representatives to ensure efficiency in store processes or to refresh their knowledge as you head into a seasonal event, your store can best utilize the resources and functionality available to you. MBS Store Technology Solutions works with its partners to help them succeed and fully use the technology available to them. Training Opportunities for Maximizing Your Collegiate Retail System

The Customer Education department within MBS Store Technology Solutions continually works to help stores streamline their day-to-day operations, utilize system features to grow customer relationships (like MBS CRM), accurately maintain inventory and financial information for improved analysis, and share your store’s success through reporting, performance indicators and business intelligence.

Read UMBC Bookstore Streamlines Business Intelligence Data Analysis ( 

Free educational opportunities for your MBS collegiate retail system

System partners can participate in a wide array of free educational opportunities. These opportunities include periodic, multi-store training webinars, videos, a resource center, biannual training events, and focus group sessions to offer input on proposed new offerings.

Within the MBS Store Technology Solutions Resource Center, users can quickly view:

  • Recent releases
  • Database dates
  • Technical documentation

Here, system users can access a collection of resources, including webinars, videos, system documentation and how-to instructions, to help you streamline your store processes and use your MBS system to its full capabilities.

In addition, MBS training releases a new video every Tuesday called "Tidbit Tuesday" to provide bite-sized learning videos tailored to current events in the store cycle. You can access the catalog of Tidbit Tuesday videos in the resource center to learn how to utilize specific system functionality in your store.

MBS Store Technology Solutions also hosts a biannual training event called MBS Forums. This event brings college store partners together to learn about the latest releases from MBS, upcoming releases, hands-on training and a chance to hear directly from store peers. The next Forums training event will be held April 17-21, 2023.

Additional training opportunities

Stores also can benefit from more in depth, one-on-one, customized training. To keep up with rapid industry changes as well as to ensure all staff are fully trained on the store’s collegiate retail system, your store can opt for one of our individualized training packages (new customers receive a one-year training package for free).

MBS Training Packages:

  • Silver - Unlimited webinars (via Zoom) for up to one year. In-person training at our MBS headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, is also available by request
  • Gold - All silver package features, plus one three-day on-site custom training class.
  • Platinum - All silver package features, plus two three-day on-site custom training courses.

College stores can choose the right package for their store and have access to training throughout the year. Attending educational events and utilizing individualized sessions through training packages ensures new staff and seasoned veterans alike are able to get the most out of the technology. Training sessions often reveals new ways to add efficiency to store processes, providing value for everyone in attendance.

MBS is committed to the continued success of our college store partners. We work to bring you the best tools and resources for your unique business. To learn more about the MBS system, contact one of our system sales consultants today.


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