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What We Learned at the Sales Meeting, and What It Means for Your Store [Guest Blog]

Posted by Eric Browning on 10/26/15 12:00 AM

For those of you that have ever been to the MBS home office — "the mothership," as some of us in the field refer to it — you know there is no easy way to get there. You fly to Kansas City or St. Louis, take a lovely two-hour ride from either airport, and finally arrive. In spite of the geographical obstacles that teleportation would easily render a non-issue (lets go science), when going out for our annual National Sales Meeting, I am always eager.

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(Pumpkin) Spice Up your Store this Autumn with a Fall Fest

Posted by Dean Asher on 10/1/15 1:32 PM

Nights are getting longer. Cobwebs and candy corn adorn offices everywhere. Campus smells like crisp leaves and that telltale chill in the air, (depending on where you are in the country, of course.) Autumn is among us.

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VCSU Reaches Broader Audience with Crazy Day Sale

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/21/15 12:00 AM

VCSU Bookstore makes an appearance in downtown Valley City each year as part of the local Chamber of Commerce's "Crazy Days Sale."

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3 Great Facebook Giveaway Plans

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/5/15 11:00 PM

Here at Foreword Online, we like to highlight plans for promotions with our Marketing Plans. But why wait for the plan each month? If you want to drum up engagement on your store's Facebook page and get students excited, a giveaway can be an awesome way to do it. James Scherer over at Wishpond highlighted some of the best ways to host a giveaway.

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5 Reasons to Shop at the Bookstore

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/21/15 11:00 PM

The new term is right around the corner, and with it thousands of students around the country will be making the same decision: should they shop with their campus bookstore, or should they take a risk on a third party?

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3 Ways to Combat the Back-to-School Slump

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/20/15 4:00 AM

The National Retail Federation casts a somewhat downtrodden forecast for the coming back-to-school season, due to budget restraints and cost-conscious shoppers:

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Fringe Marketing Ideas and What You Can Learn From Them

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/10/15 3:35 AM

In this excerpt (from a post for Business2Community), Dan Steiner explores how pushing the envelope with marketing resulted in a lot of attention for a few notable campaigns. How does this apply to a college store? One of the main takeaways is to make sure that your marketing is fun for your audience. You may not be able to emulate HBO or Burger King's scale (nor would you want to), but you can reach your students in a fun and engaging way.

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How Booksellers Can Sell on Social and the Tools They Need to Do It

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/2/15 5:50 AM

You sell books. Usually they're for class, but sometimes they're for fun. Over the summer, it's probably more of the latter. While social media is an important tool for passing along event information and listening to customers, it can also help you sell.

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For Customer Retention Tips, Just Ask Taylor Swift

Posted by Kate Seat on 6/12/15 3:00 AM

Taylor Swift knows how to keep her customers happy — as attested to by record sales, as well as more than 58 million Twitter followers, 71 million Facebook fans and 33 million Instagram followers. The ways that Swift promotes her brand are particularly relevant to college stores, since they rely heavily on social media and data-driven personalization. In this excerpt, Jerry Jao discusses three ways Swift surprised and delighted her fans — and how you can emulate her on a smaller scale. After you read the selection, be sure to check out the entire article on Entrepeneur.

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Are Your Employees Advocates for Your Store?

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/23/15 11:00 PM

Student employees are great advocates for college storesYour student workers are a natural resource when it comes to what merchandise you stock — after all, they are your target market! As such, they should be involved in some of buying decisions, which can help transform them from employees to advocates. It's likely that they also have established social media networks that may exceed your store's reach, so if they get a say in what your store carries, they're more likely to want to promote those items to their friends and family. You can rely on them as a test market for new products, or to keep you apprised of new and upcoming trends. To find out more about the concept of employee advocacy, check out the following excerpt from a post by Olivier Choron for Social Media Today.

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