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Take a Break from Rush with Our Super Short Survey

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/4/15 12:00 AM

It's the busiest time of year. Why not take a break, if only for 2 minutes or less?

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Rush Survival [Infographic]

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/30/15 12:00 AM

Are you counting down the days yet? Rush will be here before you know it, so make sure you're prepared!

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'Rush Right In' New Year's Resolution Challenge

Posted by Kate Seat on 12/1/14 3:30 AM

Did you know that one of the best ways to keep a New Year’s resolution is to make it public? It’s true! Declaring your intention in front of an audience makes you feel accountable, so this year, encourage students to share their resolutions as they purchase their textbooks during Rush. We’ve devised an easy-to-execute giveaway and ways to let your customers know how your store can help them achieve their goals in 2015!

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Taking Care of Business

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/12/14 11:00 PM


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Smokin’ the Pig – Your Place at the Wantlisting Table

Posted by Rob Heller on 3/19/14 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from a blog written by MBS Rep Rob Heller. Check out all his entertaining entries here!

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UIC Bookstore Increases Online Textbook Reservations by 22%

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 3/2/14 10:00 PM

With increased competition, it’s more important than ever to advertise the benefits of shopping at your store. One of the many ways college stores are effectively achieving this task is through incentives. For example, UIC Bookstore recently implemented a promotion that encouraged students to use their online textbook reservation program by offering them a free item.

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Make Textbook Rush a "Party in the USA"

Posted by Rob Heller on 1/9/14 10:00 PM

The following article was written by MBS Representative, Rob Heller. Read more of Rob's industry insights and experiences on his personal blog.

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4 Ways to Make Waiting in Line a Better Experience

Posted by admin on 12/9/13 10:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Perry Kuklin, director of Marketing and Business Development for Lavi Industries, and was originally published on She offers numerous ways that retailers can avoid customer frustration during busy times of the year. We've added in additional suggestions we think could easily be suited to a college store enviornment, during peak selling times such as rush. Read Kuklin's full article here.

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UNC Student Stores’ Secret to Increased Return Visits

Posted by admin on 10/1/13 11:00 PM

For as long as director John Gorsuch can remember, University of North Carolina Student Stores has offered a pre-order program, through which students who ordered their books early conveniently received them packaged in a plain white box. It wasn’t until three years ago, however, that the store realized the potential those boxes had for marketing.

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TCTC Campus Store Shows Its Fun Side with Fall Frenzy

Posted by admin on 8/18/13 11:00 PM

College stores are always looking for new ways to connect with their students. For TCTC Campus Store, inspiration is often found in popular culture. For example, their latest initiative, Fall Frenzy, brings customers into the store for a series of in-store events that are based on current trends and correspond to each day of the week. Best of all, it cost very little to implement!

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