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2017 Retail Predictions: Digital Gives Market Share Back to Brick and Mortar

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 1/17/17 5:30 AM

Retail sales in 2016 were dominated by eCommerce and technology driving purchasing decisions. The forecast for 2017 predicts some of the same, but there is light at the end of the tunnel offering opportunities to the brick and mortar store owner.

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Connect with Your Customers for Continued Contact

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 12/16/16 5:30 AM

The university bookstore is going through an evolution. Once known as “the place” to pick up course materials and spirit goods, regular visits to the bookstore have dropped to only two to four times per year per student, solely for textbook purchases and buyback.

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Towson University Bookstore Offers Free Textbooks for 2015-16

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 9/26/16 5:00 AM

Students at Towson University in Towson, Maryland, have the opportunity to win free textbooks for the 2016-17 school year.

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Colleges Find New Ways to Recruit Today's Social Media Savvy High School Students

Posted by admin on 4/7/14 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Karen Farkas, The Plain Dealer and published on Farkas discusses several new ways colleges and universities and connecting with prospective students. Although they're geared toward college admissions, there's no reason your store can't use similar strategies to interact with them once they're on campus! Read some key details below, then view the full article for further ideas from Ohio schools.

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Will The Real Textbook Industry Disruptor Please Stand Up?

Posted by admin on 11/18/13 10:00 PM

The following article was written by Alan Martin and published on

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Columbus State Community College Promotes Textbook Affordability

Posted by admin on 11/10/13 10:00 PM

In recent years, the rising cost of textbooks has caught the attention of everyone from government agencies to the media. But, college stores have been taking action against the issue for years, ensuring they offer the lowest prices possible to their students. Columbus State Community College, located in Columbus, Ohio, has been at the forefront of the movement, doing all that they can to provide the best value; and they have faculty, students, administration and, of course, bookstore staff members, involved in the effort.

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Tech Trends for the Class of 2017

Posted by admin on 10/22/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from the article 7 Tech Trends for the Class of 2017, written by Brandon Croke, Director of Marketing at Uversity, and published on Doteduguru. Croke details seven significant technology trends that colleges must be aware of in order to meet students where they engage. You'll find three of the points that are most relevant to college stores below. Read his full article for more information on what today's students are looking for.

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College Students Begin Stoptober Challenge To Kick Habit

Posted by admin on 10/10/13 11:00 PM

Smoking is one of the most widespread health issues on college campuses today, and many are turning to smoke-free policies as a result. Why not increase awareness of the health risks and have a hand in helping students stop for good? One college in the city of Bath, England did just that with a unique Stoptober campaign during the month of October as summarized in the following excerpt written and published by NOW Bath News Team. You could easily repurpose the idea to meet your students' needs; check it out!

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Go Mobile or Kiss Future Students Goodbye

Posted by admin on 9/23/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Toni Fuhrman and published on Campus Technology. Fuhrman describes the importance of adopting a mobile-first strategy at higher education institutions and provides some key examples of schools who have effectively implemented it. These ideals should also be considered for college stores. View his full article for additional information on each example as well as some overall best practices that both your school and your store should keep in mind when communicating with future customers.

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Revving Up Awareness: Victor Valley College Raises $100,000 to Offset State Funding Cuts

Posted by admin on 8/25/13 11:00 PM

Imagine buying a new car and not being able to drive it because of a gas shortage. For the students of Victor Valley Community College in Victorville, California, that metaphor was unfortunately a reality. State education cuts had resulted in fewer classes for an increasing number of college students, forcing individuals who were pursuing their careers to be stalled in their academic progress, much like a vehicle with no gas.

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