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Why Gift Registries Work for College Stores

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/6/16 12:00 AM

When you think of the word “registry,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you associate gift registries with major life events like weddings or the arrival of a new baby. Registries are a convenient way to let loved ones know what items are needed without having to explicitly ask for them, which is why they work so well for those big rites of passage.

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Boost Return Business through Customer Loyalty Month

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 4/1/16 11:01 AM

In the college bookstore, loyalty doesn’t have to be an intangible concept that you can’t quite quantify. For a store like yours, there are few, if any, things more valuable than repeat customers who show a consistent desire to come back to you first, ahead of your competitors. Whatever their reason is – be it your wider selection, friendly service staff, etc. – your store is in a position to reward your customers for their continued loyalty, and you can dole out those rewards in a number of ways.

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Foolish Flash Promotion

Posted by Dean Asher on 3/1/16 9:35 AM

Sometimes it’s frustrating for college stores to see their customers shop elsewhere, despite knowing the value you offer them as their on-campus store. You might say it’s downright foolish. Take advantage of April Fool’s Day to play a few harmless pranks on your students and show them why they shouldn’t shop anywhere else with the Foolish Flash Promotion!

This promotion will involve a lot of humorous shenanigans everyone can enjoy, but also gives big savings to a few lucky students and points out all the reasons your store is the best place to shop.

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Swap and Shop at Your Campus Store

Posted by Kate Seat on 2/1/16 10:57 AM

Whether you’d like to clear out some inventory or showcase new products, hosting a “Swap & Shop” event is a great way to get your customers to come in and see what you have to offer. And it couldn’t be easier: all they have to do to receive a discount on new apparel is bring in their old, gently-worn school gear. They’ll love the opportunity to refresh their wardrobe (just in time for spring), clean out their closets and — because you’re combining the event with a donation drive for a local charity — participate in a great cause!

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The Phoenix Bookstore Schmoozes with Students

Posted by Kate Seat on 11/29/15 11:00 PM

Reaching out to new and returning students on a regular basis is vital to the success of any college store. After all, if your students aren’t fully aware of all you have to offer or the important role you play as part of the campus community, they may choose to shop elsewhere. Schmoozefest, a yearly event sponsored by the University Union at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, welcomes students back to campus with free food and gift bags — and The Phoenix Bookstore makes sure they are involved in the festivities.

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The Power of Personalization

Posted by Kate Seat on 11/11/15 2:00 AM
You walk into your favorite coffee shop and are immediately welcomed by the barista behind the counter.

“Want the usual today?” she asks, after greeting you by name.

At your nod, she starts making your vanilla soy latte exactly the way you like it, without needing any additional information. Which makes sense, since you’ve stopped in for the same drink a few times a week for the last year.

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Celebrating Dads

Posted by Kate Seat on 6/12/14 11:00 PM

Whether you owe him your abiding love for baseball, or the fact that you can operate a motor vehicle in a semi-responsible fashion, your dad is undoubtedly a big part of who you are today. This Sunday, if you can, take the opportunity to let him know how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years.

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Crowdsourcing is a Success at Panola College Store

Posted by admin on 8/26/13 11:00 PM

Social media is opening the lines of communication between business and consumer and allowing for a whole new form of interaction. So, it’s no surprise that crowdsourcing, or soliciting feedback from a group of people to solve a problem or develop an idea, is taking off like wildfire in the world of retail.

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University Book Store Draws Over 10,000 Attendees to Annual Event

Posted by admin on 6/17/12 11:00 PM

Loyal customers are the foundation of any strong retail operation. So, it’s important that stores show appreciation for their continued business. In an effort to do just that, University Book Store at University of Washington has hosted their Campus Thank You Celebration for the past 9 years.

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University Co-op Plays Defense During Buyback

Posted by admin on 2/12/12 10:00 PM

Just as online retailers have threatened many stores’ rush sales, so too have rogue buyers begun invading campuses during buyback. The most proactive industry leaders, however, understand that just because these buyback predators arrive, doesn’t mean that they have to stay and have started fighting back!

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