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Generator System Keeps MBS Warehouse Running, Orders Moving

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/8/14 11:00 PM

Power lines tangled and snapped throughout Columbia, but MBS was unaffected for the 3.5 hours it would have been without power. Many homes — and some trees on MBS property — weren't so lucky.

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UNC Student Stores’ Secret to Increased Return Visits

Posted by admin on 10/1/13 11:00 PM

For as long as director John Gorsuch can remember, University of North Carolina Student Stores has offered a pre-order program, through which students who ordered their books early conveniently received them packaged in a plain white box. It wasn’t until three years ago, however, that the store realized the potential those boxes had for marketing.

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MBS Solutions Series: Minimize Your Weaknesses

Posted by admin on 7/12/11 11:00 PM

In the article Bricks’ Still Strong in a ‘Clicks’ World, published in NACS June 17 edition of the Campus Marketplace e-newsletter by Michael von Glahn, Editor of The College Store magazine, CAMEX attendees identified a list of both positive and negative issues affecting the collegiate retail industry.

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