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March Marketing Plan - Announced!

Posted by admin on 2/29/12 10:00 PM

Between rogue buyers and online retailers, students have options when it comes to selling their books. So, this month, we devised a marketing plan that will help you save market share by offering students an extra incentive to shop with you first!

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January Marketing Plan Announced!

Posted by admin on 1/4/12 10:00 PM

MBS Foreword Online - Monthly Marketing Plan - January 2012Our monthly marketing plans are designed to give you timely new ideas for generating interaction with your student customers. So, this month, we're bringing you 3 fun promotional ideas you can implement in honor of Valentine's Day!

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Deck Our Wall Photo Contest: Winners Announced!

Posted by admin on 12/22/11 10:00 PM

Over the past three weeks, we've had a blast watching stores compete in the Deck Our Wall Photo Contest, and it's safe to say we were more than impressed with the outcome! To participate, stores simply had to submit their most spirited photo and then try to accrue the most votes.

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Battle for Books Brings New Ideas to TCTC Campus Store

Posted by admin on 11/10/11 10:00 PM
After attending MBS’ exclusive webinar, Battle for Books, TCTC Campus Store discovered a renewed energy to fight back against the competition and reclaim even more student business. 
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Defensive Strategies Series:Stacy Elofir's Advice on Creating a Community

Posted by admin on 9/27/11 11:00 PM

We understand that competitors have invaded your market share. That's why, as your ally in the industry, we created the Battle for Books webinar to offer you defensive strategies that you can use to overcome those e-tailers and rogue buyers. We believe, however, that there's often no better source for novel ideas than amongst your own colleagues, so we organized three of the most innovative collegiate retailers to share their experiences with you. This week, we'll take a look back at some of the highlights!

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Taking Full Advantage of Your System

Posted by admin on 8/16/11 11:00 PM

In order to succeed in the competitive college store industry today, you need to not only have the necessary tools, but also the knowledge of how to use them. Just like your student customers, you should be continually learning.

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MBS Symposium Series: A Change of Perspective for Omar Iftikhar

Posted by admin on 8/3/11 11:00 PM

Today, Omar Iftikhar, General Director of System Development at MBS and former IT Director at the Titan Shops, shares his past experience at Symposium and why he can’t wait for this year!

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Fraud Awareness Tips from MBS

Posted by admin on 8/2/11 11:00 PM

With the upcoming Fall rush season upon us - it's a good time to review how to identify fraudulent orders. Credit Card fraud is an unfortunate reality of doing business on the internet. Ensure your store is protected against potentially fraudulent orders by promoting awareness.

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MBS Honors Alan Leach

Posted by admin on 7/19/11 11:00 PM

Known for his unwavering commitment to both the company and our customers, Alan Leach, Marketing Services Representative, is retiring this Friday after 36 years! Referred to as Mr. MBS, his hard work and friendly smile have touched many and will not soon be forgotten. So, today, we take a look back at all that he has accomplished and experienced in his many years at MBS.

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From Burning to Back in Business

Posted by admin on 6/9/11 11:00 PM

MBS Foreword Online - charred MBS transformer
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