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Inspire Loyalty With Your Rewards Program

Posted by Liz Schulte on 2/21/17 5:30 AM

Nearly every store and restaurant has a loyalty rewards program. Some give you a specific item for free, some give money off and others build points that you can use in specified ways. However, when everyone is running a loyalty program, it becomes harder for a programs to live up to its intended purpose: to inspire loyalty.

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Electronic Shelf Labels; Technology Boosting Sales at USI

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 2/20/17 5:30 AM

The University of Southern Indiana Bookstore, a bookstore with a focus on technology, continues its trend of using the latest tech to keep their bottom line healthy and compete with online retailers. Through the use of electronic shelf labels, the bookstore is able to minimize internal costs, communicate with students and offer the same levels of pricing and inventory information on the bookshelf that would normally be found after scrolling through pages of websites.

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The More Things Change: How College Retail Hasn't Changed, Even When It Has

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/23/16 12:19 PM

The college retail industry has changed significantly in the last few years. With the rise in big-box online retailers and shifts in technology, everything from marketing and advertising to inventory management and the title procurement process has evolved over the past decade. But that doesn't mean everything is different.

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