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Easy Ideas for Facebook Engagement

Posted by admin on 10/23/13 11:00 PM

Thinking of creative ways to get your students interacting on Facebook isn't easy. So, we've compiled a list of quick strategies you can implement that others have found successful. Check it out:

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Morehead State University Bookstore Generates Excitement with Unique Competition

Posted by admin on 10/20/13 11:00 PM

When offering promotions, retailers usually focus on how they can draw in the majority of their customers. But, in the case of college stores, that means some students’ interests or activities aren’t often represented. So, this year, Morehead State University Bookstore decided to make an extra effort to focus their attention on the various disciplines within their campus. They recently launched the first in a series of activities aimed at getting involved with departments who may not be marketed to regularly with the Fall 2013 Eagle Face-Off Student Makeup Competition.

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AU Bookstore Lets Students Embark on a Pirate-Themed Adventure

Posted by admin on 9/22/13 11:00 PM

Avast ye mateys! Ye hearties at Auburn University Bookstore have a treasure trove of ideas to share with ye. By hosting a variety of interactive activities in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, students and staff alike had a ruckas!

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University Store Explores New Social Resources with SnapChat

Posted by admin on 5/12/13 11:00 PM

Students are all over social media and one of the newest avenues they’re exploring is Snap Chat, the real-time picture chatting app for iOS and Android. With the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their photos, up to 10 seconds, after which it will be deleted from the recipient's device and the company's servers.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Link Your Store's Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Posted by admin on 5/29/12 11:00 PM

As many social media users know, you can connect your Facebook page and Twitter account with the click of a button. While this feature may save your store time, it has some serious downfalls, as well.

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Transition to Timelines

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 4/1/12 5:30 AM

Transition to Timelines

The new Facebook Timeline is here and on March 30, 2012 all brand pages will have to convert to the new layout. To help make your transition a little smoother, we're providing you with some creative Cover Photos that will capture your fans' attention! We've designed these images with your students in mind, integrating the latest trends into each theme! Better yet, we've added promotional posters to go along with each Cover Photo so that you can easily implement an entire campaign for buyback, rush, or any time in between!

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February Marketing Plan - Announced!

Posted by admin on 1/31/12 10:00 PM

Boosting your Facebook fan count is usually no easy task. But, with our newest Marketing Plan, you can watch the numbers climb while you sit back and relax!

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Social Media Series: University Co-Op Shares the Value of a Question

Posted by admin on 9/14/11 11:00 PM

With a fan base of over 20,000 on Facebook and nearly 2,500 followers on Twitter, The University Co-Op at University of Texas is definitely doing something right! But, how have they generated such a response from students and alumni alike? Put simply: they asked!

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Social Media Series: The Forty-Niner Shops Pursue New Promotions

Posted by admin on 8/28/11 11:00 PM

A social media presence is a must. But simply creating accounts for your store on these sites doesn’t cut it anymore. Each week, we’ll explore a new way your store can enhance their online presence in our Social Media Series to make sure you’re taking full advantage of these interactive outlets.

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Social Media Celebration Series:Wichita State University Bookstore Partners with their Students for Success

Posted by admin on 6/29/11 11:00 PM

Today is Social Media Day, a worldwide celebration of the revolution of instant, real-time media. In honor of social media and its influence on the collegiate retail industry, enjoy the last installment of our three-part series of articles focusing on stores that are connecting with their students by using this forum to its fullest!

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